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I looked upon him as the sort of person to be made a fuss with, and to make a fuss himself in any trifling disorder, and was chiefly concerned for those who had to nurse him; but now it is confidently asserted that he is really in a decline, that the symptoms are most alarming, and that part of the family, at least, are aware of it.
Yes," says I, "and other times, when things is dull, they fuss with the parlyment; and if everybody don't go just so he whacks their heads off.
Want the benefits of LCD projectors and digital whiteboards without having to fuss with image size and focus, messy cables, and noisy fans?
Some people are afraid if they use the pendant that it will cause too much fuss with Gardai and fire engines calling.
Norton Internet Security 2003 has a deep end: You can fuss with rules, communications settings, and more," they wrote.