fuss over (someone or something)

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fuss over (someone or something)

To give someone or something an inordinate amount of attention, affection, or praise. I can't stand the way everyone fusses over her whenever she walks into the room. I think it's a bit bizarre that so many people are fussing over a new smartphone. It's just another piece of technology!
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fuss over someone or something

to go to a lot of bother about someone or something. My aunt always fusses over me and my sister. You spend a lot of time fussing over your hair.
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fuss over

To handle or deal with something or someone in an overly attentive or nervous way: Don't fuss over every detail—just get the main idea across for now. The grandparents fussed over their new grandchild.
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"Why are you taking the thing so seriously and making such a fuss over it?"
"I'm not making any fuss over it. But it's just such seeming trifles that we've got to take seriously; such things count."
Yet at the same time, it's hard to think of another country that has made such a fuss over its heritage and symbols - the red-white-and-blue hand of the past.