fuse with (something)

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fuse with (something)

1. To connect or bond two things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "fuse" and "with." She used a soldering gun to fuse the metal part to the pipe.
2. To connect or bond with something else. Here, look at the X-ray—you need to get a cast so that this part of the bone fuses with that one.
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fuse something with something

to bond something together with something. You have to fuse the upper layer to the lower layer with heat. He used heat and pressure to fuse the patch with the soft rubber of the raft.
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fuse with something

to bond with something. The metal has fused with the glass coating on the tank. I didn't know that metal could fuse with glass.
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Why, I could give that man the whole history of the Reformation in the time he took to tell me that the Union-Labor Party had fused with the Democrats.