fuse with

fuse something with something

to bond something together with something. You have to fuse the upper layer to the lower layer with heat. He used heat and pressure to fuse the patch with the soft rubber of the raft.
See also: fuse

fuse with something

to bond with something. The metal has fused with the glass coating on the tank. I didn't know that metal could fuse with glass.
See also: fuse
References in classic literature ?
His work was realism, though he had endeavored to fuse with it the fancies and beauties of imagination.
The MCase Cartridge Fuse is the latest cartridge style fuse with female terminals for 2.
Some people, frustrated by buying and replacing blown fuses, attempt to install a new fuse with a higher rating.
Grip the body of the fuse with the puller and yank it from the spring clips.
At showtime, cousin Butch Grucci usually does the launching honors, lighting both the lift charge and the fuse with (you guessed it) a spark, from a spark-generating machine.
Offering LogicBlaze FUSE with WebSphere CE further simplifies the integration process for organizations, freeing enterprise architects and developers to focus on larger SOA and integration objectives.
They named it ``fusin'' because it helps the coat of the virus to fuse with the cell's outer membrane and inject its genetic material into the cell.
Our research shows that a second molecule, fusin, is required for certain strains of HIV to fuse with and enter into cells.
Nasdaq:INSP), a leader in mobile media, and fuse, the nation's only viewer-influenced, music television network, announced today from NATPE in Las Vegas a substantial mobile entertainment initiative whereby InfoSpace will provide fuse with mobile content including ring tones, graphics and games.
InfoSpace will provide fuse with music tones from major record labels and hundreds of independent labels in addition to thousands of graphics and InfoSpace's library of mobile games.
Bone marrow cells can fuse with specialized brain cells, possibly bolstering the brain cells or repairing damage, according to research from the Stanford University School of Medicine.
She had also shown that mature cells in a lab dish can fuse with other cell types and take on characteristics of those cells.
16 advance online issue of Nature Cell Biology, Blau showed that the bone marrow cells in mice fuse with existing Purkinje cells and activate genes normally made in Purkinje cell nuclei.