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be far/further/furthest removed from (something)

To be separate from or unlike something. I wasn't even in the office that day, so I'm the furthest removed from this situation.

be far/further/furthest reˈmoved from something

be very different from something; not be connected with something: Many of these books are far removed from the reality of the children’s lives.
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Walsh said Furthest Land "responds quickly", which could give him the edge under Leparoux.
Don't miss spectacular spots like the cliffs and caves of the Lizard - the most southerly part of mainland Britain - and the dramatic cliff tops of Land's End, England's furthest point west.
The Furthest Shore sets out to demonstrate a long association between voyages of exploration, art and science by considering accounts of the Southland since Pythagoras as well as a long history of actual exploration of the southern hemisphere.
Communications officer Julie Wickes said: "The balloon furthest away at the moment reached Derby which is great.
Two free flights are up for grabs for the lucky winner whose balloon travels the furthest.
Along with a middle school in South Gate, the two Valley schools were considered the furthest behind schedule.
The accomplishment marks the furthest point that scientists have yet reached in cloning a nonhuman primate.
In the chapter entitled "The Unbearable Lightness of the North," we read: "Of all corners of the world, North is the furthest.
I hope you win the prize for the furthest travelled balloon.
The shock was greater because the furthest we had been away was in our caravan to the seaside.
The furthest advanced of this series is RC-1291, currently in Phase II development in cancer patients with anorexia/cachexia syndrome, a common, life-threatening complication of underlying malignant disease.
Gordon Horne is to the right of Roy; Mick Stanley, first right on the front row; Eric Tray, furthest right on the back row; Mick Stone, sixth from the right; and Robin Price, furthest left on the back row.
Russian Lapland sits in the furthest northwest corner of the Russian Federation, above the Arctic Circle.
LA MIRADA - Lancaster Park View Little League's home run hitters got the all-stars to the Division 3 tournament, the furthest a High Desert-area entry has gone since 1978.
Because the Bay Area teams were among those furthest away, they were among the first to be called back.