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be far/further/furthest removed from (something)

To be separate from or unlike something. I wasn't even in the office that day, so I'm the furthest removed from this situation.
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be far/further/furthest reˈmoved from something

be very different from something; not be connected with something: Many of these books are far removed from the reality of the children’s lives.
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His trainer Michael Marker hasn't travelled to Dubai, but work rider Barry Walsh told Gulf News, Furthest Land was very happy away from home.
McLeish (above) said: "I have a rolling contract but a new contract is the furthest thing in my mind.
Ron Freeman, 53, who lives in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, flew the furthest yesterday with a flight of just over 63m in his glider dubbed the Geordie Flyer.
"But we would also like to know how far they travel once they leave the college so we are launching a competition to find out which travels the furthest."
Prizes will be awarded for the following categories - Furthest Flight, Best Costume or Machine and Best Entertainment Value.
"Social inclusion of people furthest from the labour market is not only an objective in itself, but also an important condition to fully realise the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy," stress the ministers.
Already the school has received 30 balloons back from the race, with the furthest two coming from France.
Pursued from this unusual viewpoint, his continuing investigation of extremely low-resolution imagery functions as an exploration of the furthest margins of visual perception, revealing how much--or how little--information is required for comprehension.
Furthest south are two local ones, based on the Fleece at Holme and the Railway at Marsden.
Furthest traveled: Daytona Beach--been around the country once
However, your statement "It's the furthest a gubernatorial candidate has ever gone in supporting equal rights for gay couples" is not entirely accurate.
One point I would add to the debate is that electoral reform goes furthest fastest when a third party spoils a major party.
As soon as you perceive a direction change or additional angles forming, you must begin addressing them from furthest point away from that newly perceived area-- as soon as possible.
Although measures are taken with uniform thickness castings to ensure proper freezing, there is no assurance that freezing will start at points furthest from the gate and progress in an orderly manner to the gate so that the volume of metal lost because of shrinkage can be replaced by the riser designed for that purpose.
The N:P ratio declined from 1.7 upstream to 0.1 at the furthest point downstream.