far/farther/further afield

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far/farther/further afield

1. Larger in scope. This project has gone far afield after our initial experiment didn't yield the data we were looking for.
2. Away from some place or thing. If you want to travel further afield, though, it'll be a very long walk.
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far afield

Wide-ranging, at a distance, as in I started out identifying wild mushrooms, but since then I've gone far afield in other branches of botany . [c. 1400]
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far/farther/further aˈfield

far away from home; to or in places that are not near: You can hire a car if you want to explore further afield.Journalists came from as far afield as China and Brazil.
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References in classic literature ?
My friend the reporter left me, and I wandered further afield. By this time the 3126 electric lights on the Rialto were alight.
`It was this restlessness, this insecurity, perhaps, that drove me further and further afield in my exploring expeditions.
"Miss Penelope," he said under his breath, "I have to admit that one must travel further afield for Heaven's greatest gift.
At last there came a time when the driver went further afield than he had yet gone, and during his absence, the horses began to tremble worse than ever and to snort and scream with fright.
{105} As long as corn and wine held out the men did not touch the cattle when they were hungry; when, however, they had eaten all there was in the ship, they were forced to go further afield, with hook and line, catching birds, and taking whatever they could lay their hands on; for they were starving.
Sometimes, too, their games took them further afield, and led by Bysshe the children went on long rambles through woods and meadows, climbing walls and scrambling through hedges, and coming home tired and muddy.
The event at Renfrewshire's smallest village brought out most of the neighbourhood plus some visitors from further afield.
Shrewsbury Ramblers are heading out on a number of walks over the coming weeks - including one further afield to the Welsh coast.
BIG BUSINESSES upped sticks for the City in 2018 as companies increasingly moved further afield to find the best office space, a new study has shown.
Now that the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route has opened and is a huge success, the Granite City becomes an even more viable proposition for folk from further afield.
The 12-sided coin is being rolled out further afield To produce their own 12-sided PS1-coin, overseas territories and Crown dependencies will inform the Royal Mint, who will ensure that the same security standards are met before approving and supplying them with the necessary blank or struck coins.
Further afield, a massive earthquake killed nearly 90,000 people in China and, further afield still, a NASA spacecraft landed in Mars' polar region.
There are always big gigs taking place across London and further afield that need refreshments.
The increase comes into force on Sunday (March 25) as Stagecoach blames the growing cost of traffic congestion across the borough and further afield as well as investment made into businesses in the area for the rise.