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all fur coat and no knickers

Good-looking on the surface but lacking substance underneath. I thought David and I would really get along well, but we had nothing to talk about at dinner—he's really all fur coat and no knickers. Our new boss sounded like she had a lot of good ideas for the department, but it turns out she's all fur coat and no knickers.
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be all fur coat and no knickers

To be attractive on the surface but lack substance underneath. I thought David and I would really get along well, but we had nothing to talk about at dinner—he's all fur coat and no knickers. Our new boss sounded like she had a lot of good ideas for the department, but it turns out she's all fur coat and no knickers.
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the fur flies

There is an argument. When the fur flies, I'm making myself scarce—there's no way I'm getting roped into a fight between those two.
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fur piece

Rur. a long distance. (Fur = far.) It's a fur piece to the library. You'd best take the bus instead of walking. It's a pretty fur piece to the nearest big town.
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make the fur fly

 and make the feathers fly
Fig. to cause a fight or an argument; to create an uproar. When your mother gets home and sees what you've done, she'll really make the fur fly. When those two get together, they'll make the feathers fly. They hate each other.
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make the dust fly

Also, make the feathers or fur fly . Stir matters up, cause a commotion or disturbance. For example, When she saw the dog sleeping on her new bedspread, she really made the dust fly, or As soon as he learns who dented his car, he'll make the feathers fly, or She'd better not interfere or he'll make the fur fly. The first usage alludes to the results of a vigorous house-cleaning effort. The two variants, both dating from the early 1800s, allude to what happens when a hunting dog is set on a bird or rabbit.
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the fur flies

If the fur flies, people argue very fiercely and angrily about something. The fur has been flying in Geneva this week, as the two contenders to be next head of the World Trade Organisation squared up to one another. If she ever finds out who did it then the fur will fly. Note: You can also say that someone or something sets the fur flying. A blazing row between Euro factions set the fur flying again on the Tory backbenches. Note: The image here is of animals tearing out each other's fur during a fight.
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be all fur coat and no knickers

have an impressive or sophisticated appearance which belies the fact that there is nothing to substantiate it. British informal
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fur and feather

game animals and birds.
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the fur will fly

there will be serious, perhaps violent, trouble. informal
This phrase originated in the early 19th century, in the US. The image is of a furious fight between dogs or cats.
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the ˌfeathers/ˌfur/ˌsparks will ˈfly

(informal) there will be anger, annoyance, etc: The fur will really fly when she tells him he can’t go out tonight.
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n. the police. (A play on the fuzz.) I think the fur is onto you, Rocko.

make the dust fly

To go about a task with great energy and speed.
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In 1830, the association took the name of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, of which Captain Sublette and Robert Campbell were prominent members.
In the meantime, the success of this company attracted the attention and excited the emulation of the American Fur Company, and brought them once more into the field of their ancient enterprise.
The American fur companies keep no established posts beyond the mountains.
The introduction of firearms has rendered them more successful hunters, but at the same time, more formidable foes; some of them, incorrigibly savage and warlike in their nature, have found the expeditions of the fur traders grand objects of profitable adventure.
The equestrian exercises, therefore, in which they are engaged, the nature of the countries they traverse, vast plains and mountains, pure and exhilarating in atmospheric qualities, seem to make them physically and mentally a more lively and mercurial race than the fur traders and trappers of former days, the self-vaunting "men of the north.
Having thus given the reader some idea of the actual state of the fur trade in the interior of our vast continent, and made him acquainted with the wild chivalry of the mountains, we will no longer delay the introduction of Captain Bonneville and his band into this field of their enterprise, but launch them at once upon the perilous plains of the Far West.
When the king got to the bottom, he ordered Cat-skin to be called once more, and soon saw the white finger, and the ring that he had put on it whilst they were dancing: so he seized her hand, and kept fast hold of it, and when she wanted to loose herself and spring away, the fur cloak fell off a little on one side, and the starry dress sparkled underneath it.
Then he got hold of the fur and tore it off, and her golden hair and beautiful form were seen, and she could no longer hide herself: so she washed the soot and ashes from her face, and showed herself to be the most beautiful princess upon the face of the earth.
In one place a bit of the fur coat touched my cheek softly, but no forgiving hand came to rest on my bowed head.
The edges of the fur coat had fallen open and I was moved to turn away.
She was lying on her side, tranquil above the smooth flow of time, again closely wrapped up in her fur, her head resting on the old-gold sofa cushion bearing like everything else in that room the decoratively enlaced letters of her monogram; her face a little pale now, with the crimson lobe of her ear under the tawny mist of her loose hair, the lips a little parted, and her glance of melted sapphire level and motionless, darkened by fatigue.
One of her hands was under the fur and the other under her cheek.
And tucking the loose skirts of his fur coat in under his knees, he turned the horse and rode away from the sledge in the direction in which he thought the forest and the forester's hut must be.
NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury fashion house POLOGEORGIS FURS, a New York City based furrier renowned for its tradition of quality and unparalleled craftsmanship, announces plans to launch their first-ever e-commerce website, www.