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plough a lone(ly) furrow

To do something in isolation; to act without the help of others. Primarily heard in UK. I tried to offer Jonathan help with the project, but he'd rather plough a lone furrow.
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plough (one's) own furrow

To do something in isolation; to act without the help or influence of others. Primarily heard in UK. I tried to offer Jonathan help with the project, but he'd rather plough his own furrow. As an artist, I think you should try to plough your own furrow before worrying what other people might want.
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plough a lonely furrow


plough a lone furrow

If someone ploughs a lonely furrow or ploughs a lone furrow, they do something by themselves and in their own way, without any help or support from other people. It seems that Shattock was something of an original thinker, ploughing a lonely furrow. Stein sandwich bar continues to plough a lone furrow as the building's only occupant. Note: This expression is very variable. Their government is more than adept at ploughing its own diplomatic furrow. Note: A furrow is a long narrow trench made in the ground by a plough.
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plough a lonely (or your own) furrow

follow a course of action in which you are isolated or in which you can act independently.
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ˌplough a lonely, your own, etc. ˈfurrow

(literary) do things that other people do not do, or be interested in things that other people are not interested in: There are several English teachers at the school, but Jeanne continues to plough a lonely furrow, teaching French and German.
A furrow is a long narrow cut in the ground made by a plough (= a large piece of farming equipment used for cutting the soil).
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This creates suction that pulls the plow down into the soil and also holds the landside tightly against the furrow wall.
The order of the CCI was furrow > wide-narrow row > uniform row (except at GS65 in 2008-2009, in which the order of CCI was furrow > uniform row > wide-narrow row).
The purpose of these evaluations has been (1) to determine whether yields can be achieved with overhead irrigation that are comparable to yields achieved with furrow and drip irrigation for wheat, corn, cotton, tomato, onion and broccoli; (2) to develop best management practices for overhead irrigation that can be used to increase the performance of this technology in California; and (3) to synthesize recent farmer experiences with overhead irrigation for a variety of crops in California.
This finding raised the possibility that these bundled astral microtubules serve as miniature central spindles, thus overcoming the great distances between the cell surface and the central spindle during the early phases of furrow ingression.
The aim of this research was to compare the drip and furrow irrigation system.
However, from a practical viewpoint, erosion rates on a field vary widely with many soil and furrow hydraulic factors.
Caudal furrow absent; if present, restricted to submargin only for a certain distance, not connecting with the posterior margin of vasiform orifice.
The mean values of moisture content at the time of seedling emergence at 0-5 cm depth under disk-type furrow opener, reverse-hoe type furrow opener and hoe-type furrow opener were 11.
2004) showed that furrow size influenced infiltration, because the constant coefficient k of the Kostiakov model showed certain differences for each method and furrow size.
Furrow are playing with two of North Wales'' other finest purveyors of raw, abrasive garage noise, Sex Hands and Mowbird, at The Castle Hotel in Manchester on June 19.
Plow it like a farmer, furrow after furrow," as Barth's friend, Eduard Thumeysen said.
Washington, Feb 26 (ANI): Based on 20 years of research, this is how Otzi the Iceman might have looked: brown eyed, furrow faced bearded, and tired.
In this engaging and important study, Melissa Furrow offers a rewarding and provocative foray into the world of medieval romances in England.
Farmers who use furrow diking in their fields plow soils into ridge-like barriers that run alongside row crops.