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be part of the furniture

slang To be viewed as part of the surroundings because one has been in a particular job or place for a long time. I can't envision the company without Bill. I mean, the man has been here for 40 years—he's part of the furniture!
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part of the furniture

Considered to be an intrinsic or fundamental part of the surroundings because one has been in a particular job or place for a long time. I can't envision the company without Bill. I mean, the man has been here for 40 years—he's part of the furniture! Ah, that's just Mary. She's been coming to this restaurant nearly every day for years, so we kind of see her as part of the furniture at this point.
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save the furniture

To create the best possible outcome of a bad, unfortunate, or unpleasant situation or set of circumstances. Usually used in the context of politics. Primarily heard in Australia. It's likely that our candidate is going to lose, so we're looking for a way to save the furniture at this point.
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part of the furniture

If someone or something is part of the furniture, they have been present somewhere for such a long time that everyone accepts their presence without questioning it or noticing them. In ten years he has become part of the furniture of English life, his place on the stage firmly fixed and universally respected. Once cameras in courts have become part of the furniture, witnesses are so absorbed in answering questions that they forget the cameras are there.
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part of the furniture

a person or thing that has been somewhere so long as to seem a permanent, unquestioned, or invisible feature of the scene. informal
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part of the ˈfurniture

(informal) somebody who has worked or been in a particular place for such a long time that people hardly notice them: The librarian had been there so long he seemed like part of the furniture.
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" 'As to the fine,' says I, 'he can pay that out of the money he gets by selling my furniture. As to the prison, while he's in it, what's to become of me, with my money spent by him, and my possessions gone; and when he's out of it, what's to become of me again, with a husband whom I have been the means of punishing, and who comes home to his wife knowing it?
"When I got back the furniture was gone, and my husband was gone.
I found my husband gone, and the bedroom stripped of the furniture which I had put into it.
Some of the furniture in the upper rooms, not being wanted by the last tenant, was left to be taken at a valuation if the next tenant needed it.
A glow from the fire threw red hues over the bare floor, the cracked and soiled plastering, and the overturned and broken furniture.
In repassing through the small vaulted room, however, your eyes will be attracted towards a large, old-fashioned cabinet of ebony and gold, which, though narrowly examining the furniture before, you had passed unnoticed.
The furniture was in all the profusion and elegance of modern taste.
The general, perceiving how her eye was employed, began to talk of the smallness of the room and simplicity of the furniture, where everything, being for daily use, pretended only to comfort, etc.; flattering himself, however, that there were some apartments in the Abbey not unworthy her notice -- and was proceeding to mention the costly gilding of one in particular, when, taking out his watch, he stopped short to pronounce it with surprise within twenty minutes of five!
Tess gazed desperately at the pile of furniture. The cold sunlight of this spring evening peered invidiously upon the crocks and kettles, upon the bunches of dried herbs shivering in the breeze, upon the brass handles of the dresser, upon the wicker-cradle they had all been rocked in, and upon the well-rubbed clock-case, all of which gave out the reproachful gleam of indoor articles abandoned to the vicissitudes of a roofless exposure for which they were never made.
He says the office furniture industry has sustained an "awful blow" in recent years, some of it caused by offshore imports but mostly by the stalling U.S.
For example, fabric surfaces such as draperies, up holstered furniture and carpeting can absorb and then re-release pollutants into the air.
The Mercosul trade bloc has a long way to go before it can consider itself a player in the world furniture market, but if Brazil's trade ministry is to be believed, Mercosul will surpass either Italy or China--the global No.1 and No.
The collaborative project of John Fleming (Professor in the Department of French and the Centre for Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto) and Michael Rowan (Ontario-based specialist in folk art and ethnic furniture) Folk Furniture Of Canada's Doukhobors, Hutterites, Mennonites And Ukrainians is an impressive visual record and commentary on the culture and values of four ethno-cultural groups as reflected in their items of furniture.
Never has outdoor furniture been so washable, stable, graspable, and easy to exit.
"Our coalition has never been larger or stronger," said John Bassett, president and chief executive officer of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Co.