furnish (something) for (someone or something)

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furnish (something) for (someone or something)

To give something to someone or something; to supply someone or something with something. Is the company going to furnish an apartment for you, or are you supposed to find one on your own? Don't worry, the finance department is going to furnish the budget projections for our project.
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furnish something for someone or something

 and furnish someone or something with something
to provide something for someone or a group. I would be happy to furnish dinner for the visitors. I furnished the board of directors with the information.
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furnish something for something

to provide something to be used as something. Could you furnish the salad for our picnic? We can't furnish enough glassware for the whole party.
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Her three unit headings are "Symbol and Metaphor in Fahrenheit 451," "Dystopia and Utopia," and "A Reflection of the Real World." These essays or excerpts date from 1960 to the present and are representative, inclusive, and suggestive enough to furnish something for everyone.