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give (one) furiously to think

To cause or spur one to strongly consider something. Well, with a generous offer like that, you've given me furiously to think now.
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give someone furiously to think

give a person cause to think hard.
This is a literal translation of the French phrase donner furieusement à penser .
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The shocked woman instantly scolded the man, who was still groping her, before her Golden Retriever heard her cries and barked furiously and loudly from behind the door.
Being fiercely, unapologetically, intensely and (above all else) furiously happy literally saved Lawson's life.
Mae Sleep Furiously yn ffilm sy'n gwylio'r bobl a'r lleoliadau, ac yn fframio'r dirwedd a'r ffordd o fyw sy'n newid yn gyflym wrth i ffermydd bychain ddiflannu.
He then turned round and furiously gave me 'the finger' three times.
Well, consider "colorless green ideas sleep furiously," which has all of its parts of speech in the right place but is utterly absurd.
Sir Alex Ferguson has furiously rejected a Sunday newspaper report claiming he is supporting the Red Knights' bid to take over Manchester United.
Kinnear reacted furiously after Atkinson failed to award his side a free-kick in the run-up to Fulham's decisive penalty in the 2-1 win over the Magpies at Craven Cottage on Sunday.
Some years ago when I was Christmas shopping in a city store amidst throngs of shoppers furiously filling their trolleys with mountains of food and drink for their Christmas parties, I remember Johnny Mathis' voice drifting through the store: "A ray of hope flickers in the sky.
Leading man Cedric The Entertainer gurns furiously to camera and flings himself into the various set pieces with gusto, including some nonsensical babbling and wild gesticulations when his accidental hero is injected with truth serum.
Bison furiously denied a South Wales Echo story that they may have to make cuts to their team because of financial restrictions - and then within two weeks both Cardiff-born goaltender Stevie Lyle and Canadian forward Peter Campbell left the Hampshire club and signed for Belfast.
NORTHERN Rock bosses last night furiously denied reports they might have to cut 2,000 jobs.
SIR ALEX Ferguson has again furiously hit out at officials for not protecting his star players.
MOTHERS determined to keep their children physically and mentally stimulated has led to a new breed of "motor mums" in Birmingham - constantly on the go, furiously multitasking and unable to relax.
Even though Shambo had to be slaughtered because he was infected with TB, he WAS cute - and the monks did their best to save him by praying furiously and demonstrating with great dignity for 12 hours.