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give (one) furiously to think

To cause or spur one to strongly consider something. Well, with a generous offer like that, you've given me furiously to think now.
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give someone furiously to think

give a person cause to think hard.
This is a literal translation of the French phrase donner furieusement à penser .
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That's what we are furiously trying to arrange at the moment.
The shocked woman instantly scolded the man, who was still groping her, before her Golden Retriever heard her cries and barked furiously and loudly from behind the door.
She needs to guard the real Taylor a little more furiously too - before she loses sight of her altogether.
Being fiercely, unapologetically, intensely and (above all else) furiously happy literally saved Lawson's life.
Living well may be the best revenge but instead, why not be "furiously happy"?--HEATHER SEGGEL
Barking furiously at Barking furiously at bikes and goes frenetic if there is a paperboy around!
THE Tartan Army have reacted furiously to the SFA's pricing of Scotland's Euro 2016 qualifiers.
I was sure that they were exceeding the 20mph speed limit as they were both pedalling furiously. Since I'd cunningly disguised the grass cuttings as a bag of laundry, the driver didn't seem to notice.
People who didn't know anything about the sport (nearly everybody) were soon taking a crash course in the curious game of furiously brushing in front of a piece of rock sliding along an ice rink.
The cause of the accident is yet to be verified even as railway officials were furiously working to remove the coaches from the tracks.
Hefyd, fel rhan o wythnos Cynefin, heno bydd S4C yn darlledu'r dangosiad cyntaf ym Mhrydain o'r ffilm Sleep Furiously.
As we approached the accident itself the Police were furiously waving us on in an effort to speed up the traffic and stop the rubber-neckers causing further delays.
AT least 34 people were killed and over 300 others, including scores of policemen, were injured in Bangladesh in a wave of violence on Thursday as Islamists reacted furiously to a ruling that one of their leaders must hang for war crimes during the 1971 independence conflict.
Backtracking furiously, Bachmann later said the comment was a joke and insisted: "I have a great sense of humour."
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. Furiously sleep ideas green colorless.