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I didn't mean to, but you looked so funny I really couldn't help it," replied Meg, passing over the first part of his reproach, for it was quite true that she had shunned him, remembering the Moffat party and the talk after it.
He, however, gave his two cents on why funny guys are better than the handsome ones.
KANSAS CITY -- Hallmark's Shoebox brand is launching a new collection of greeting cards developed in partnership with the comedy brand Funny or Die.
AMC Networks has acquired a minority stake in Funny Or Die and is planning for its IFC network to boost its partnership with the popular comedy brand.
and this joke took ages to get to the punchline, and it was not funny and didn't make sense, and at the end of it, you did not laugh, but I found it hilarious, and I guffawed and said, 'It's funny
A few of the Y7's were asked what they thought after the workshop Charlotte said: "Craig Bradley was so funny and he helped us a lot.
Funny faces and funny hair for Comic Relief day at |Birdsedge School.
Pair up a funny thought with a drawing or two and voila: cartoon
They knew how to play it smart; they were funny and relevant.
fest is joining forces with Funny or Die in Make 'em LAFF, an Internet talent search for content creators and funny folks of color and underrepresented communities.
Using Hurricane Sandy and some choice jokey tweets about last year's storm, researchers chronicled the points at which the funniness of it all crested, fell, and, after a safe distance, became both funny and not funny once again.
Scousers are funny because: "They always laugh at themselves and put the in front of everything, no one else does that.
My Funny Family Gets Bigger by Chris Higgins (Hodder), priced PS4.
Digital publisher and multimedia content company Open Road Integrated Media announced on Thursday that the entire series of Funny Boy by author Dan Gutman will be published as e-Books.
Twitter users are taking shots at former "Loveline" and "The Man Show" host Adam Carolla after Carolla said women aren't funny.