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He glowered round upon us with a look of such concentrated ferocity that, but for our being forewarned as to the German method of comic singing, we should have been nervous; and he threw such a wailing note of agony into the weird music that, if we had not known it was a funny song, we might have wept.
It's very funny when well done, and makes a perfect jumble of tragical comical stuff to laugh over.
"I didn't mean to, but you looked so funny I really couldn't help it," replied Meg, passing over the first part of his reproach, for it was quite true that she had shunned him, remembering the Moffat party and the talk after it.
I can't wead the witing; but the pictures are so funny."
Very rough and faulty, but so funny, that it was evident Polly's sense of humor was strong.
Many are immensely gifted by our Lord God with a cheery and funny disposition.
"I find the harder is Queen Elizabeth because everyone knows what she looks like, everyone knows what she sounds like, everyone has an opinion on whether the casting is right" Actress Olivia Colman comparing playing Queen Anne and the present Queen in separate productions "Comedy is just funny. It isn't a cure for anything.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Nov 28 (ANI): Ever wonder what it is about certain words that make them funny? A recent study has determined that there are two main kinds of predictors of funniness in words: those related to the form of the word and those related to its meaning.
Who's the funny girl you know who always cracks up people around her?
But unlike those who bank on their good looks to achieve such status, Empoy takes on his hilarious antics to prove that indeed, 'funny is the new pogi.'
KANSAS CITY -- Hallmark's Shoebox brand is launching a new collection of greeting cards developed in partnership with the comedy brand Funny or Die.
and this joke took ages to get to the punchline, and it was not funny and didn't make sense, and at the end of it, you did not laugh, but I found it hilarious, and I guffawed and said, 'It's funny!
It is the second year the festival has linked up with Funny Looking, and for 2015 the podcast team will be stepping off the Internet and into a venue as part of the 17-night festival.