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"It turns out that the best predictor of funniness is not the distance from one of those six categories, but rather the average distance from all six categories.
Intuitionist picture of joke-getting experience as gut-level generic effects of funniness with the ensuing attempt to explain it by confabulating reasons lacks plausibility, and this goes as well for the traditional rationalism model.
Reviewing what has been written may help reveal common features that contribute to perceptions of funniness. The humor log can also be read when the individual feels more stressed.
He does not take his trademark funniness over the top in this role.
Many of the reasons we get the giggles or laugh has nothing to do with funniness at all.
Rich Lederer has come up with the ideal Halloween gift, a collection of jokes, riddles, poems, and funniness that will scare the Dickens out of Halloweeners (or, to be truthful, make them laugh fearlessly).
And we tend to focus on that funniness, or on outright cruelty, don't we?
In order to prove funniness and playfulness, some of my fellow researchers just called this literary invention of mine, an M-Alephic reading instead alephic reading.
Quickly rising to the top of his game by showing an excellent aptitude for off-the-cuff funniness, he was a regular with top London group Shotgun Impro.
It shares the heart and soul with the original show, so it has the sweetness and the funniness," Greta Gerwig said in an interview.
Patients with schizophrenia showed aberrant ratings for the jocularity of stimuli in previous investigations [51-55]; however, to our knowledge, no research has addressed the funniness of ironic comments in schizophrenia.
Using Hurricane Sandy and some choice jokey tweets about last year's storm, researchers chronicled the points at which the funniness of it all crested, fell, and, after a safe distance, became both funny and not funny once again.
In the following sections, I will show how this 'funniness' relates to issues of division of labour and representation not just at the conference, but in the social life beyond it.
(3.) The estimated coefficients on the member dummies can be used to quantify the funniness of the different members in the sample.
Indeed, "If there are wholly objective properties of funniness, deliciousness, or likelihood, then most of us must be defective in our capacity to detect them" (MacFarlane, 2006, 1).