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Funnily enough, the main character in his books is defender Steve Barnes - a former captain of Mulcaster United who runs a fictional side while also trying to solve serious crimes.
But funnily enough all the good kids ended up doing arts subjects.
Funnily enough, though the border remained open, most of the birds seemed to prefer their home turf.
Then, funnily enough, England had won the Ashes before a ball had been bowled and now they are all "heroes".
Funnily enough, they didn't have any objections about unfair treatment then.
That would have to be his first ever in a red shirt - and funnily enough that came against Chelsea as well
Funnily enough, that segment hit the cutting-room floor, and an insider over at Sky Sports told Confidential: "It was to universal amazement they sent her to do the interview anyway.
HE'S walked funnily, raged about a dead parrot and (mis)managed probably the world's worst hotel.
Allders in Coventry has just launched a new label, entitled, funnily enough, LBD, or 'little black dress', with sizes from 10 upwards.
Funnily enough, that is what most players eat anyway.
And that bit, funnily enough, is the one in which the director makes his cameo appearance, as a flamboyant coke-fiend pimp in Groucho nose-and-glasses drag.
Funnily enough, it will come to Brazil only at the end of its run, late in 1996.
Funnily enough I felt the same way this week watching someone on a BBC show give Jenny Eclair a high-five for recognising a photo of Bruce Forsyth's wife in a bikini.
To celebrate Ben & Jerry's newest Fairtrade flavour - Fairly Nuts - one lucky reader (and, funnily enough, most of my readers are fairly nuts) has the chance to win a bucketload of B&J's award-winning ice cream after I snaffled 10 vouchers from their PR boss.
Funnily enough, the current Broncos coach, Wayne Bennett, has been linked with the Saints job.