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Do you know what's even funnier? The answer might be yes!
The research indicates a laugh track makes people rate dad jokes as being funnier, but spontaneous laughter is more effective than posed laughter.
And when it comes to Bollywood, references to popular movies make the memes all the funnier.
As a kickoff, the foundation, along with Big Deal Productions of Buffalo Grove and Funnier By The Lake Comedy and Best Corporate Comedy, both of Highland Park, are presenting "Laughs for Mike," a night of live stand-up comedy, co-headlining nationally touring comedians and Chicago favorites Kristen Toomey and Reena Calm, and special guest, local comedian and friend of Michael's, Steven Curry.
He added: "I was no school joker, there were at least five fellas in my class who were way funnier than me but they're all labourers now.
To put that in perspective, a similar number said they were uncomfortable having a partner who was much funnier More than of respondents comfortable partner who than them.
Even though Season 4 of "iZombie" reflects some of today's real-life political issues, series star Rose McIver still thinks that the upcoming season of the CW zom-com-rom-dram is funnier than its previous season.
Now it's back for a third series, and it's bigger, brighter and funnier, he promises.
But the think funnier I that the account which sent the expletive message was nothing to do with the restaurant.
Some of them are cluelessly unintended-but, they're made even funnier due to the comedic inadvertence!
From that point on it gets worse and worse for Don, but funnier and funnier for the audience.
There's nothing funnier than a child's first swear words.
Even funnier than last week's funnier than last week's E opener, the way this captures the posturing and petulance of rock means we've finally got a rockumentary that can look Spinal Tap squarely in the eye.
Joking aside, some of the best shows in Edinburgh this year were by women - Sara Pascoe is a genius and Susan Calman gets funnier and funnier.