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The second series of this dole office sitcom is already a lot funnier than the first.
a production company specializing in reality television, announced that they are holding auditions for their new stand-up comedy reality show, You Could Be Funnier.
Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on "True Blood," said Obama was funnier.
One in five (22%) believed they were better in bed after a boozy night, while almost half (43%) claimed they were funnier when drunk, according to the poll of 4,000 people.
A lot funnier off screen than onscreen," admitted Tulisa.
Or, to put it another way, is a 'beep' funnier than a 'zoop' when you are bouncing a book on your head and have a small red foam ball on your nose?
JOKES seem funnier when they come from a well known comedian is the finding of research at Coventry University.
You don't have to be a comic genius to see that my recent history writes itself as a comedy script and the challenge really is to see if comedy is something completely different to what I have done before or whether it is like being an MP but a bit funnier," he told reporters.
As the number of cats in the family keeps rising the repetition and expansion of Dad's rant gets funnier and funnier and begs for chanting in unison louder and louder by reader and listeners.
Honestly, it's stupid to say that men are funnier than women, or women are funnier than men, or gay people are funnier than straight people.
This year's main festival runs from this Sunday, May 3, to May 10 - and it's only right that we continue to support an event which seems to get bigger, better - and funnier - each year.
The Barron Knights@ Grand Theatre, Swansea (Wednesday) The legendary chicken in a basket supper-style comedy stalwarts from Leighton Buzzard are nowin their 47th year - and that one joke of theirs keeps getting funnier and funnier.
Any given episode of ``Deal or No Deal'' is more suspenseful and funnier.
The second section is more personal and funnier as Williams attempts, for example, to dissect feminism for her editor and writes of her reaction to her three-year-old son's obsession with bugs.