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But what's even more interesting, the researchers say, and what runs contrary to the standard explanations of why men might be funnier, is that men did better with other men: Female raters allocated only an average 0.
Nearly two-thirds of people quizzed in the poll by BT said British comedies were funnier, while only 14 per cent thought American shows such as Frasier and Friends had the edge.
The gags were rated almost 50 per cent funnier when it was believed they had been made by the professional comic, despite the wording being exactly the same.
REAL life is far funnier than TV sitcoms, according to a new survey.
I always think that Ashton and Balanchine make A Midsummer Night's Dream, particularly the lovers' subplot, clearer and funnier than Shakespeare did.
He recalls, "One of our funnier, yet informative shows with Steve Allen," says Pearlstein "was just before Thanksgiving.
Allen says she feels that she becomes funnier after a few.
SERIES four just gets funnier and funnier - like the missing link between Hancock's Half Hour and Seinfeld, while still being utterly unique.
It's an improvised comedy about a group very similar to the inept TV news team of Comedy Central's somewhat funnier ``Dog Bites Man.
The criticism that I've heard over the years, between the play and the movie, is a lot of people say the play is much funnier.
Having seen the first episode, that comparison seems far funnier than - well, the first episode.
But this particular version of art's pitched battle got funnier as it became more literal.
But I suspect it may have been funnier when performed by Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the travesty troupe Anastos cofounded and for which he originally created the piece.
Bailey, Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow and George Gaynes are ready to uphold law and disorder and make the world a funnier place.
is one of the self-proclaimed actress' funnier statements, though she says it, like many other disturbing things, with a chilling absence of humor.