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and phunky
1. mod. strange; far out. I like your funky hat.
2. mod. basic and simple; earthy. I like to be around funky people.
3. mod. smelly; obnoxious. This place is really funky. Open some windows.
4. mod. unkempt. Your hair is sort of funky. Comb it.


mod. alcohol intoxicated; stinking drunk. The guy is funky-drunk, and I think he’s going to be sick.


mod. very good. (see also fresh.) Mary is funky-fresh when she works out, but a real slow runner when she’s been lazy.
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Funky Bots currently is developing innovative gesture based games to be available with Atomic Bands.
Philippe Vezina, President of Bummis, stated, "We are thrilled about combining Bummis' existing portfolio of products with Funky Fluff's premium cloth diapering options.
Although it's a wine bar, Funky Vino also has food offered with the aim of sharing.
We are thrilled our idea for The Funky Indian has become reality and have had so much support from across the city and beyond.
Marina Richardson, Marketing Controller, Young's Seafood Limited added: "Young's Seafood is delighted to launch these new Funky Fish Kitchen products exclusively with Asda.
Mr McCartney said: "I'm delighted that our very own Fair and FunKy will get the opportunity to run their worKshops in the Houses of Parliament.
uk Funky Little Chickens has one full-time and two part-time staff.
aid at eys "It is our take on smart casual - half funky and half official.
Tickets are just PS6 and include the hire of skates and two hours skating to funky music.
Renaissance (Concord Music, 2012), del bajista neoyorkino Marcus Miller, album que retoma la tradicion funky jazz ejecutada en formato de sax alto, clarinete bajo, trompeta, bateria, organo, piano, guitarras (electrica, acustica), Fender Rodhes, percusion afrocubana, djembe, bajo electrico y voces (invitado especial Ruben Blades).
The nursery is a franchise of Redditch-based Funky Monkeys Franchising Ltd.
She said she opened Funky Junk because she "got bored and missed [her] customers.
Fitness gurus Jenna Bowman and Sian Ireland have developed the perfect alternative to a boring gym workout - a Funky Pump class combining music and exercise in a unique nightclub setting.
She says it will be a mix of styles from funky house to grime.
The Funky Knights play Ralph's this weekend, with all their mischievous glory.