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and phunky
1. mod. strange; far out. I like your funky hat.
2. mod. basic and simple; earthy. I like to be around funky people.
3. mod. smelly; obnoxious. This place is really funky. Open some windows.
4. mod. unkempt. Your hair is sort of funky. Comb it.


mod. alcohol intoxicated; stinking drunk. The guy is funky-drunk, and I think he’s going to be sick.


mod. very good. (see also fresh.) Mary is funky-fresh when she works out, but a real slow runner when she’s been lazy.
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Yet part of Scion's draw is the very fact that its vehicles are built by Toyota, so they are reliable and provide value for money, yet they appeal to the new generation of car buyers because of their funkiness and authenticity.
14) Della and Geraldine cultivate "thrift, patience, high morals, and good manners" at the expense of "the dreadful funkiness of passion, the funkiness of nature, the funkiness of the wide range of human emotions" (64).
I've not been to the 1,000-square-foot warehouse but the T's look cute online -- kind of a cross between the funkiness of Urban Outfitters and the sexiness of Express.
The movement of shags in the area rug business has stayed fresh with the addition of new treatments for the go-to product for funkiness.
Just as the locus of "President's Men" was the Washington Post, so the home base of "Zodiac" is a newsroom--this time the San Francisco Chronicle's, a space where funkiness has won the battle with respectability and there's not a female reporter in sight.
He effortlessly appropriates the essence of several Brazilian 1960's era music icons, particularly the compositional and orchestral sophistication of Edu Lobo and the samba and bossa-linked funkiness of Marcos Valle.
Bubble skirts very modern, so balance out the funkiness by adding a pretty blouse and a prim, shapely jacket.
They give us a funkiness I was looking for and which grounds our sound in a beautiful way.
But for all the challenges we bring, we roll with an undercurrent of joy, celebration and funkiness that has gotten tired activists energized, bored folks hyped and pessimistic campaigners hopeful.
It's an appeal to the soul of older people who remember it from grandma and to the funkiness of young people who didn't have those things," says Carolyn Taylor, co-owner of Waterford Interior Design in Waterford, Virginia, and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).
There are some eye-opening glimpses into the business of recording, musical discoveries with amplification, sharecropping life, and the get-down funkiness of the juke joints and barrelhouses.
So we've been adding John Frieda Beach Hair to give her grown-out bob a touch of funkiness and body.
But I think the genius of the Gurus concept is that it promotes a 'wholesome funkiness.