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and phunky
1. mod. strange; far out. I like your funky hat.
2. mod. basic and simple; earthy. I like to be around funky people.
3. mod. smelly; obnoxious. This place is really funky. Open some windows.
4. mod. unkempt. Your hair is sort of funky. Comb it.


mod. alcohol intoxicated; stinking drunk. The guy is funky-drunk, and I think he’s going to be sick.


mod. very good. (see also fresh.) Mary is funky-fresh when she works out, but a real slow runner when she’s been lazy.
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The Citroen C3 Picasso has had some cosmetic styling tweaks and is still one of the funkiest supermini MPVs on the road
But it was his work with godfather of Soul James Brown in the 1970s that established him as the world''s funkiest trombone player.
And we've got our hands on the ultimate Revolution prize package: ONE lucky winner and their guest will enjoy the UK's funkiest commercial dance show at Theatre Royal Haymarket and then stay at the luxurious Hilton Park Lane in London's bustling West End and indulge in the perfect after-show treat - a delicious dinner with drinks at the hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, Galvin at Windows.
ONE of the UK's freshest and funkiest music groups head to Teesside next week.
He's dubbed by many the world's funkiest man - like father, like son.
Add to that the funkiest live music from Bostich & Fussible (Nortec Collective) and the best Mexican-themed food and drink.
Baboons, gorillas, barbary apes, spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, rhesus monkeys, celebes monkeys, celeb monkeys (I'm thinking the one who hung around with Tarzan and that bloke which starred in Every Which Way But Loose), capuchins, tufted capuchins, tamarins, emperor tamarins, langurs, spectacled langurs, mandrills, mangabey, macaques, marmosets, howlers and - the very funkiest of the all, as immortalised by The Goodies' 1975 hit single - the gibbon.
One of the funkiest MP3 players around, the Tic-Toc is controlled through gestures and motions.
NISSAN is about to rewrite the style book with the sensational new Juke - the funkiest car of the year.
We have a selection of some of this season's funkiest ethnic prints to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.
Heaven gains its funkiest angel yet and we lose an awesome and very much loved son and brother.
One of the funkiest features is a touch-screen TomTom satellite navigation system which is fully integrated and removable too.
A new range of environmentally-friendly cars with zero emissions, top speeds of up to 160mph and the funkiest colours ever devised have been introduced ( especially for girls.
Meandering solos are dotted throughout the busy Star, and an R&B intro gives way to the funkiest of electric pianos on big city What's The Deal.
It symbolises the 70s era and has be one of the funkiest and most iconic cars around.