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(face) fungus

n. whiskers; a beard. If John would shave off that face fungus, he’d look a lot better.
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n. a bearded man. (see also (face) fungus. See also fuzz-face.) Hey, fungus-face! Who is that behind all the fuzz?
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Further, the NAD has recommended that the advertiser to discontinue all claims that the Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot product works 'fast', kills fungus 'on contact', stops 'tough' infections, and is the "#1 Pharmacist Recommended" brand.
The team found that the fungus used the strength of its mycelia 6 the network of root-like filaments grown by fungi 6 to help break apart the polymers.
The CDC first identified the fungus as a potential threat in 2013, based on a possible case in the U.
New research by mycologists has found significant consequences from symbiotic association between soil fungus and plant roots, resulting in changes the genetic expression of resulting crop.
Antibacterial activity of fungus extract was expressed as the diameter of the inhibition zone (mm) for three days observation.
There, small colonies of about 20 workers tend a baseball-sized, spongy mass of fungus riddled with passageways where farmhands and nursemaids scurry to their tasks.
The difference was that the formed nanoparticles were spherical, triangular, and rod-like in phoma macrostoma fungus while they were in the form of sphere in rhizopus oryzae fungus.
For anyone wishing to restore clear and healthy nails, the National Nail Fungus Organization website offers timely solutions.
The problems come when a new, non-native fungus arrives suddenly, like chalara.
The new product is a unique combination of two ingredients--20% zinc undecylenate and 5% undecylenic acid--and the first product positioned to eliminate toe and athlete's foot fungus.
I'm guessing that Fungus's creator, the marvellous Raymond Briggs, chose the name Fungus for his character because it conjures up images of damp and dirt with which The Bogeyman was associated.
The most massive fruiting body of any fungus yet documented has been discovered growing on the underside of a tree in China.
The medicinal value of fungi is known to everybody since penicillin, perhaps the most famous of all antibiotic drugs, was first derived from a fungus.
The violet coral fungus was discovered by a group of conservation volunteers carrying out a fungi survey at Gibside near Rowlands Gill.
Researchers said feather pillows had fewer species than synthetic versions, particularly in the case of a fungus which exacerbates asthma.