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(face) fungus

n. whiskers; a beard. If John would shave off that face fungus, he’d look a lot better.
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n. a bearded man. (see also (face) fungus. See also fuzz-face.) Hey, fungus-face! Who is that behind all the fuzz?
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However, fungi are an important but unappreciated part of our world.
So that's how we establish if a fungi is poisonous?
Dr Deadman, an associate professor in the Department of Crop Sciences of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, said that fungi are vitally important for the good growth of most plants, including crops, through the development of associations between the fungi and the roots of the plants.
It is important to protect and conserve this type of grassland because not only does it provide a good habitat for fungi, but it also has a high diversity of wildflowers.
In the first of a new programme of Oakwell Nature Club, youngsters get the opportunity to explore the park''s fungi from 10am to 12noon.
How environmental fungi have acquired their pathogenic potential for humans, even those whose immune function is intact, is a puzzle, but clues come from the interaction of fungi with soil-dwelling amebae.
AM fungi have been shown to enhance disease resistance, increase soil's stability against erosion, maintain soil pores for air and water infiltration, improve soil fertility, and increase concentrations of organic matter in the soil.
One component of soil life that organic farmers have protected, often without realizing it, is mycorrhizal fungi.
But you wouldn't want completely bacteria-free pits: The bacteria form a protective barrier that helps keep fungi from taking over your skin.
The forces in question are the fungi responsible for root and butt rot or decay--a closely related group of species that specialize in causing large trees to fail.
Beneficial fungi that live on plant roots can increase green bell pepper yields by as much as one-third.
FUNGI is a world record beating dolphin who has enchanted thousands of visitors to Ireland over the past 20 years.
Only a fraction of the microorganisms found in living spaces have been characterized to any extent, but now a research team from Finland's National Public Health Institute reports that among the bacteria and fungi occurring in buildings, bacteria may pose the greater health risk to occupants [EHP 111:85-92].