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To raise money for something, such as a project or cause, by soliciting donations from a large network of people, often via social media. If the studio won't finance our movie, then we'll have to turn to crowdfunding. I'm crowdfunding to raise money for a local family whose house burned down.

in funds

Having enough money as capital to spend or invest. The company has been accused of manipulating its books to give it the appearance of being in funds to its shareholders, though it was actually laden with debt. These corporate figureheads will exploit their workers by any means necessary, so long as it keeps them in funds.
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rainy day fund

Money reserved for use in a moment or period of unforeseen difficulty, trouble, or need. I know you want to buy a new TV with your bonus, but you should really keep that money in a rainy day fund. You'll be glad it's there if you ever need it! Thank goodness I had been putting a portion of my wages into my rainy day fund each month. There's no way I could have paid for that emergency surgery otherwise.
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slush fund

An ancillary or reserve fund that has been accumulated or set aside for undesignated or unspecified purposes, especially those that are or are viewed as being illicit, corrupt, or morally questionable. It has come to light that the senator paid for special treatment by the newspapers out of her party's slush fund. The CEO instructed his lawyer to use the company's slush fund to settle the lawsuit out of court.
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in funds

having money to spend. British
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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These funds are managed by nine pension fund managers who have extensive experience in managing pooled investments.
A good example of this type of plan is a single-employer welfare benefit plan (WBP) funded by a trust.
"BPG is recognized throughout the nation for having a long and highly successful history as a real estate fund manager to institutional investors," said DiLella.
The group also established two corporate rehabilitation funds, Daystar Fund and Japan Endeavor Fund, and set up SMFG Corporate Recovery Servicer with Daiwa SMBC Principal Investments, Development Bank of Japan and Goldman Sachs to help in revitalization of smaller companies held by the Japan Endeavor fund.
"Typically, a broker receives higher commissions on the funds his firm wants to sell," says CPA Mark Murphy, a benefits compliance specialist at Lesley, Thomas, Schwarz & Postma in Newport Beach.
Since the first major market-timing and late-trading scandal broke just over a year ago, there's been a barrage of federal and state enforcement actions against investment advisers who advise mutual funds. Many investment advisers serving mutual funds have been accused of fraud, and the SEC has issued a wave of new rules aimed at safeguarding shareholder investments.
Stewarding some donated funds can be far more time consuming than the dollars involved would justify.
"We have developed a program that will allow your teams to maximize the funds they can receive, yet minimize the difficulty in raising those funds," says Riniker.
Outside funds provide instant name recognition and long performance records, but they are freestanding funds not controlled or managed by the life insurer.
What some may find surprising is that only a minority of investments held in these "green" funds are in explicitly eco-focused businesses.
Reality: Mandatory health care funding would only change the way funds are provided for VA health care.
While the scandal concerns him, Perkins feels there are few choices for most individual investors other than mutual funds. But he's not so naive as to think scandals like this won't happen again.
But perhaps the most egregious scandal of all swirls around segments of the mutual funds industry.
Market timing may not be illegal, but it is certainly unethical, because it hurts long-term shareholders; as a result, the practice is discouraged by most funds. However, allegations have been made that some brokerages and mutual funds have publicly stated that they discourage market timing, but then have turned around and actually assisted larger clients, including hedge funds, time the markets.
Endowment funds allow the FOUNDATION to build assets to ensure its future, and earnings from these investments fund the programs of the FOUNDATION.