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in funds

Having enough money as capital to spend or invest. The company has been accused of manipulating its books to give it the appearance of being in funds to its shareholders, though it was actually laden with debt. These corporate figureheads will exploit their workers by any means necessary, so long as it keeps them in funds.
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To raise money for something, such as a project or cause, by soliciting donations from a large network of people, often via social media. If the studio won't finance our movie, then we'll have to turn to crowdfunding. I'm crowdfunding to raise money for a local family whose house burned down.

in funds

having money to spend. British
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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Many investment advisers serving mutual funds have been accused of fraud, and the SEC has issued a wave of new rules aimed at safeguarding shareholder investments.
Open-end investment companies, commonly known as mutual funds, do not issue shares in their funds for resale to other potential shareholders.
In addition, many of the gains recognized by funds with high turnover rates are likely to be short-term rather than long-term and, thus, not eligible for the preferential capital gains rate.
While the scandal concerns him, Perkins feels there are few choices for most individual investors other than mutual funds.
financial system, mutual funds had been almost entirely spared the bad headlines and lawsuits--that is, until September 2003, when New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer revealed that a number of mutual funds were ignoring, or worse, facilitating, illegal or questionable trading by certain individuals and investment institutions, including hedge funds.
This endowment provides funds for Teacher Enrichment Grants and other programs and awards.
As an asset class, hedge funds outperformed all others during 2000.
A look at the last five years reveals social mutual funds that have not only beaten the market, but most of their peers as well.
Funds that don't track an index, or actively-managed funds, average about 1 percent a year in expenses that customers pay, said Russell Kinnel, head of equity fund research at Morningstar, a mutual fund rating agency in Chicago.
57--and poised, after a lull, to make its next great surge--there were 1,246 mutual funds in America.
Indeed, it is important to recognize that the activities of hedge funds are not fundamentally different from those of many other institutions.
SINCE HEDGE FUNDS ARE NOT RIGHT FOR EVERYONE, CPAs should gain some understanding of these complex funds and how they work before recommending clients invest money in them.
In a stock market that has bucked as hard as the orneriest bronco, the Oakwood, Texas, cowboy developed a rock-solid strategy: corralling a diversified mix of mutual funds that can ride out the peaks and dips in the market.
For many folks, wading into investment waters for the first time means dipping their toes into the world of mutual funds.