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To raise money for something, such as a project or cause, by soliciting donations from a large network of people, often via social media. If the studio won't finance our movie, then we'll have to turn to crowdfunding. I'm crowdfunding to raise money for a local family whose house burned down.

in funds

Having enough money as capital to spend or invest. The company has been accused of manipulating its books to give it the appearance of being in funds to its shareholders, though it was actually laden with debt. These corporate figureheads will exploit their workers by any means necessary, so long as it keeps them in funds.
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rainy day fund

Money reserved for use in a moment or period of unforeseen difficulty, trouble, or need. I know you want to buy a new TV with your bonus, but you should really keep that money in a rainy day fund. You'll be glad it's there if you ever need it! Thank goodness I had been putting a portion of my wages into my rainy day fund each month. There's no way I could have paid for that emergency surgery otherwise.
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slush fund

An ancillary or reserve fund that has been accumulated or set aside for undesignated or unspecified purposes, especially those that are or are viewed as being illicit, corrupt, or morally questionable. It has come to light that the senator paid for special treatment by the newspapers out of her party's slush fund. The CEO instructed his lawyer to use the company's slush fund to settle the lawsuit out of court.
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in funds

having money to spend. British
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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A WBP funded by a trust can provide compelling nontax advantages for recruiting and retaining employees, and significant tax advantages for both employers and employees.
Brochures for the abstinence PEERS Project, for example, advertise being "funded by the U.S.
(Some states have, in fact, funded abstinence counseling with federal family planning funds.) Few do, however, because the prevailing mainstream scientific opinion holds that instruction about contraception is more effective in preventing disease and unwanted pregnancy than a pure abstinence message.
These are funded from development assistance and other appropriation accounts.
As part of an overall Andean regional initiative, the fiscal year 2002 request includes $731 million for Andean Counterdrug Initiative (ACI), a multi-year counterdrug assistance effort designed to sustain and expand programs funded by the Plan Colombia emergency supplemental.
Since the administration is not requesting any funding for arrears in fiscal year 2002, it is important that the regular commitment request be fully funded in order to avoid any further increases in arrears.
* Procedures and processes under which decisions have been or will be made on which programs, projects, activities are funded.
* Salary increases granted to direct or indirect hire foreign national DoD employees funded by this Act shall not be at a rate in excess of the percentage increase authorized by law for DoD civilians whose pay is computed under the provisions of 5 U.S.C.
* Deductible employer contribution (liability may be fully funded, including recognition of future medical inflation)
What developments are creating interest in funded plans?
Many alternatives--both funded and unfunded--exist for the financing of nonqualified plans.
The primary advantage of a funded alternative is benefit security.
Under a funded approach, an employer does not have use of--or access to--plan assets.
This immediate taxation of executives has been a major deterrent to funded plans in the past.