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in funds

Having enough money as capital to spend or invest. The company has been accused of manipulating its books to give it the appearance of being in funds to its shareholders, though it was actually laden with debt. These corporate figureheads will exploit their workers by any means necessary, so long as it keeps them in funds.
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in funds

having money to spend. British
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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The recent mutual fund trading scandals, however, have changed that perception.
As fiduciaries, investment advisers should understand not only how the fund trading scandals operated, but the effects of the resulting investigations and regulations on the mutual fund investments they recommend.
As was mentioned, a fund's tax efficiency is not an issue when selecting mutual funds for retirement account assets.
Tax advisers with clients who want to minimize taxes through mutual fund investments might recommend such funds.
NASD officials say market timing drives mutual fund costs up and waters down profits for those investing long term.
What takes the matter from sheer sloppiness to possible discouraging fraud is when the fund ignores its policies and actively facilitates market timing, often for a quid pro quo.
John Cogswell of Goodland, Kansas, have established the Marjorie Means Cogswell Endowment Fund for financing Teacher Enrichment Grants.
The benchmarking issues that once deterred many institutions from embracing hedge funds are slowly being swept away, thanks to new indices from Hedge Fund Research, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
85 percent, is of special interest because the fund manager donates all profits to nonprofit environmental advocacy organizations.
An index fund is cheaper to operate because a computer buys and sells according to changes in the index.
But how could middle-class investors know which fund to choose?
Each of the plans of merger described above is subject to the approval of Fund shareholders and certain other conditions.
This adds to the considerable risks hedge fund investors face.
For balance," says Reading, "Guy's portfolio holds Vanguard Value Index Fund (VIVAX), which holds the low-priced value stocks in the [Standard & Poor's 500-stock index].