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I now discovered that he also kept a particularly mellow Scotch whiskey, an excellent cigar, and a fund of anecdote of which a mordant wit was the worthy bursar.
He posted his own first contribution of twenty-five pounds to the Founder's Fund immediately on our return to town, before rushing off to more first-class cricket, and I gathered that the rest would follow piecemeal as he deemed it safe.
And Fred winced under the idea of being looked down upon as wanting funds for small debts.
We helped her mind slowly by this simple means, we took her out between us to walk on fine days, in a quiet old City square near at hand, where there was nothing to confuse or alarm her--we spared a few pounds from the fund at the banker's to get her wine, and the delicate strengthening food that she required--we amused her in the evenings with children's games at cards, with scrap- books full of prints which I borrowed from the engraver who employed me--by these, and other trifling attentions like them, we composed her and steadied her, and hoped all things, as cheerfully as we could from time and care, and love that never neglected and never despaired of her.
These customers were either very young men, who hung about the window for a time before slipping in suddenly; or men of a more mature age, but looking generally as if they were not in funds.
His mother in New York would supply funds, and he was to write to her once a month.
Yes, sire, and even as a beginning, I bring your majesty a note of funds which M.
One day, when we were holding a meeting to secure funds for its erection, an old, ante-bellum coloured man came a distance of twelve miles and brought in his ox-cart a large hog.
His contributions to our funds have been magnificent; his advice, his sympathy, invaluable.
Hearing this, and having exhausted his funds, Sharon had returned to London.
If you put your hundred pounds into the Funds, you will get between three and four pounds a year.
That the necessary funds for the experiment of the Gun Club will not be forthcoming.
With his position in the City, he had only to go to the famous money-lending and discounting house of Bulpit Brothers--reported to "turn over" millions in their business every year--and to supply himself at once with the necessary funds.
And I say that the escape of Boney from Elba was a damned imposition and plot, sir, in which half the powers of Europe were concerned, to bring the funds down, and to ruin this country.
That the twenty thousand pounds (from which the income was supposed to be derived) had every farthing of it been sold out of the Funds, at different periods, ending with the end of the year eighteen hundred and forty-seven.