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bodily functions

euphemism The normal workings of the body, especially those usually done in private, such as urinating or defecating. When you have three sons, bodily functions are a common topic of discussion around the house.
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bodily functions

Euph. anything the body does automatically or as a normal occurrence, especially urinating and defecating. The dog needed to go outside and perform her bodily functions. It is not polite to discuss bodily functions at the dinner table.
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function as

To serve a purpose or play a role similar to that of something else: The beaks of some wading birds function as spears for catching fish.
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Like other compliance functions, these tax functions consume tremendous resources and can burden an entire tax department, especially during periods of change in the broader organization.
A vast number of natural products and therapies actively modify or stimulate immune function.
Admittedly, it is the hard thing to do to understand how the trim functions, and to integrate a carefully shaped piece of wood into the building fabric.
They offer up to 512KB + 4KB of reliable single-voltage-programmable flash memory and a comprehensive range of on-chip peripheral functions that includes controller area network (CAN) controllers compliant to the Bosch v2.
Mentoring has generally been defined as a relationship between a senior and junior employee in which the senior employee provides developmental functions (i.
Contractor Performance of Acquisition Functions Closely Associated with Inherently Governmental Functions (DFARS Case 2004-D021)
NIMH: Investigations that examine molecular, cellular, and biochemical bases of genetic mutations affecting neurogenesis, biological rhythms, learning, memory, and other cognitive functions and behaviors of the nervous system.
Many of today's functions are rarely measured on anything remotely close to their strategic impact on the organization.
Using a CES utility function with a nonnegative minimum subsistence requirement for the goods and the associated Marshallian demand functions, we derive the marginal revenue function.
It allows the problem to be set up in a logical cause and effect form that stimulates speculation on how functions can best be accomplished and problem issues resolved.
The Deliberatif accommodates the political functions -- two council chambers, a function room and a club -- while administrative functions are housed in the rest of the building, known, appropriately enough, as the Administratif.
Because theory cannot be studied in isolation from practical applications, they recommended that students be required to participate in an internship, practicum, or co-op program which can both sharpen their focus on the functions that they will perform and teach them aspects of the profession which they cannot learn in the classroom.
Or it could lead to the creation of more "virtual" annuity companies, w here most manufacturing and distribution functions are outsourced.
Better to say that the idea of the trapped animal that the works propose functions as bait for the mind.