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bodily functions

euphemism The normal workings of the body, especially those usually done in private, such as urinating or defecating. When you have three sons, bodily functions are a common topic of discussion around the house.
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form follows function

The philosophy that the structure of something, especially a building, should first and foremost be designed with its intended function in mind, its aesthetic features being secondary. You can tell the architect who designed the campus believed that form follows function. Pretty much all the buildings are just big concrete boxes!
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function as (something)

To have a particular purpose or fill a certain role. Mrs. Smith will function as your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year now that Mrs. Jones is on maternity leave.
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bodily functions

Euph. anything the body does automatically or as a normal occurrence, especially urinating and defecating. The dog needed to go outside and perform her bodily functions. It is not polite to discuss bodily functions at the dinner table.
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function as

To serve a purpose or play a role similar to that of something else: The beaks of some wading birds function as spears for catching fish.
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He said he attended two separate functions at Mohanpura arranged by Chaudhry Muqeem and in Islamabad where Faryal Talpur invited 10 to 12 persons from Rawalpindi.
It was a poor show by PPP Rawalpindi chapter at the function held at the party office in front of Liaquat Bagh where Benazir Bhutto was killed 10 years ago.
First, an R-function is introduced to represent a geometrical object, which ensures that normalized R-function near the boundary of a geometrical object has little difference with signed distance functions, and other parts are continuously and smoothly similar to signed distance functions.
In this thesis, we proposed a new non-convex type of pair-wise potential functions that allows more flexibility to set a priori preferences, using different coefficients of penalty for various ranges of differences between the values of adjacent image elements [4].
Let's say that you need to multiply cell C2 by the result of a VLOOKUP function. The VLOOKUP is going to look for the current month's data by using the MATCH, TODAY, and TEXT functions.
Mixed Kernel Function. Based on the above analysis, we fuse the local and global kernel functions so that the mixed kernel function is of both strong learning ability and generalization ability.
Figure 1 is an Excel plot of these functions. Note that, except for axis scaling, the plot of the generalised parent function from x = 3 to x = 4 is the same shape as the plot of the parent function from x = 0 to x = 2[pi].
The preamble to the regulations notes that software that is not developed to be used for general administrative functions is not considered to be developed for internal use, even if the software is not developed to be sold, leased, licensed, or otherwise marketed to third parties and is not developed to enable the taxpayer to interact with third parties or to allow third parties to initiate functions or review data on the taxpayer's system.
As shown in Figure 4, different threshold functions are obtained by different processing results.
Recently many inequalities have been studied for convex functions, but Hermite-Hadamard inequality is the fundamental event due to its geometrical importance and applications in Mathematical tools.
Let U = {z : z less than 1} the open unit disk and A the class of all functions of the form:that are analytic in U and satisfy the condition f (0) = f '(0) - 1= 0.Let N (th ) be a subclass of A which consists all the functions f (z) that satisfy the inequality:and M (th ) be a subclass of A consisting of functions that satisfy the condition:
In 1993, Noonman [9] gave a plausable description of functions of the class B([alpha]) as those function in S for each r < 1, and the tangent to the curve [U.sub.[alpha]](r) = {[epsilon]f[(r[e.sup.i[theta]]).sup.[alpha]], 0 [less than or equal to] [theta] < 2[pi]} never turns back on itself as much as [pi] radian.
Representing the talks at the workshop and some additional contributions, the 13 papers cover L-functions of varieties over finite fields and Artin L-functions; height zeta functions and arithmetic; motivic zeta functions, Poincare series, complex monodromy, and knots; and zeta functions for groups and representations.
If an instructor has already discussed the topic of evaluating limits of rational functions then most students may obtain a correct answer for this example.