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bodily functions

euphemism The normal workings of the body, especially those usually done in private, such as urinating or defecating. When you have three sons, bodily functions are a common topic of discussion around the house.
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function as (something)

To have a particular purpose or fill a certain role. Mrs. Smith will function as your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year now that Mrs. Jones is on maternity leave.
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bodily functions

Euph. anything the body does automatically or as a normal occurrence, especially urinating and defecating. The dog needed to go outside and perform her bodily functions. It is not polite to discuss bodily functions at the dinner table.
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function as

To serve a purpose or play a role similar to that of something else: The beaks of some wading birds function as spears for catching fish.
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Oftentimes, in the case where families struggle with a member's injury, the medical and rehabilitation agencies that families are required to work with may create additional demands which may undermine, if not curtail, family system functioning. For example, the continuum of head injury rehabilitation services spans from trauma units, to rehabilitation centers, to vocational rehabilitation agencies.
Anoxia, substance abuse, premorbid functioning and affective disorder (primarily depression) are examples of mitigating factors for which the clinician must assess to insure valid data collection.
Motor functioning: McCarron Assessment of Neuromuscular Development (McCarron, 1975).
Core and Balance Model of Family Leisure Functioning
"While individuals with Alzheimer's disease might have lost much of their cognitive functioning, they still retain the ability to respond to emotion, a right brain function.
Function includes general cognitive functioning, social functioning, physical functioning, emotional functioning, and economic and vocational functioning.
Over a 5-year period, employees of both sexes who felt that their on-the-Job efforts had failed to generate appropriate career advancement or promotions exhibited the poorest overall functioning, contend epidemiologist Stephen A.
As such, it is important to provide the patient with information about how their sexual response and sexual functioning can be affected after spinal cord injuries and for healthcare professionals to know where to refer patients who are in need of further information.
I maintain that relational function, as defined by (RF), is capable of preserving the notion of proper functioning. The conditions of proper functioning of a trait derive from the way that trait contributed to fitness of individuals on average with respect to a given regime.
Intellectual functioning can be equally complex to assess: it is sensitive to a variety of potentially disrupting and damaging factors such as aging, injury to the brain, etc.
Over the past half-century, many different vocational rehabilitation strategies have been used to help mental health consumers (that is, people with schizophrenia and other severe psychiatric disorders who experience significant difficulty in role functioning) obtain employment.
"Our residents who have had strokes are generally higher functioning and are younger than the other residents.
Agreat deal of attention is currently being given to the rehabilitation needs of traditionally underserved (i.e., low functioning) people who are deaf.
It is also possible to distinguish having the function F from merely functioning as an F.
The CNC-1000 diagnostic program provides maintenance personnel with a sophisticated, easy-to-use instrument to visualize correct functioning of the system to machine interface, as well as correct calibration of all sensors and servo valve connected to the machine.