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bodily functions

euphemism The normal workings of the body, especially those usually done in private, such as urinating or defecating. When you have three sons, bodily functions are a common topic of discussion around the house.
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function as (something)

To have a particular purpose or fill a certain role. Mrs. Smith will function as your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year now that Mrs. Jones is on maternity leave.
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bodily functions

Euph. anything the body does automatically or as a normal occurrence, especially urinating and defecating. The dog needed to go outside and perform her bodily functions. It is not polite to discuss bodily functions at the dinner table.
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function as

To serve a purpose or play a role similar to that of something else: The beaks of some wading birds function as spears for catching fish.
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Cohesion and adaptability are the key components of family functioning, and the balance of cohesion and adaptability is the foundation for Olson and DeFrain's (2000) circumplex model.
Whether examining traditional families (Zabriskie 2000); adoptive families (Zabriskie & Freeman 2004); single-parent families (Smith, Taylor, Hill, & Zabriskie 2004); or Hispanic families (Christenson 2004), researchers have reported positive relationships between family leisure involvement and family functioning and have provided further insight into the nature of that relationship.
One avenue that many families have chosen to improve their family functioning and strengthen their family relationships is family camps.
Physical functioning is greatly affected in individuals with CFS (Anderson & Ferrans, 1997; Fischler et al.
In order for a practitioner to fully understand functional limitations of a individual with CFS, it is important to look at all aspects of function: general cognitive functioning; social and family functioning; physical and recreational functioning; emotional functioning; and economic and vocational functioning.
Accommodations are best made on an individual case basis covering all aspects of functioning for the client with CFS.
Participants filled out a short questionnaire that probed general physical, mental, and social functioning.
Having a hostile personality might underlie both unrewarded efforts at work and poor functioning.
Mintz, Mintz, Hwang, and Uijtdehaage (1997) reviewed the relationship between antipsychotic medications and vocational functioning in five randomized double-blind clinical drug trials, concluding that traditional antipsychotics do not negatively impact vocational functioning.
The most important finding, however, was that the group receiving both antipsychotic medications and sociotherapy had the best long-term outcomes, including better instrumental role functioning (that is, working in competitive jobs and in homemaker roles).
AVINZA had a positive effect on physical functioning in osteoarthritis patients who completed up to 30 weeks of treatment, and was statistically superior to MS Contin on some occasions," said Dr.
Physical functioning was measured using two methods, the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) and the SF-36 Physical Functioning Summary Score.
In order to get a better picture of functional strengths and weaknesses of Mexican Americans being evaluated, it has been suggested that both measures of intellectual functioning and adaptive functioning be conducted (Mercer, 1976).
In the area of sensory functioning the Bender provided a correlation coefficient with acculturation approaching zero.