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in (good) condition

1. In good, robust health; strong or fit. Boy, I really need to get in condition. Ten years working behind a desk have given me quite a belly! Wow, Jim is really in good condition lately.
2. Prepared. No, the manuscript isn't in good condition for review yet—I still have a few sections to edit.
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in good shape

1. Functioning well or in working order. The TV was acting up earlier, but it seems to be in good shape ever since I smacked it. We'll be in good shape once we get the server up and running.
2. In good, robust health; strong or fit. Sadly, I'm not in good shape anymore. Ten years working behind a desk has given me quite a belly! Wow, Jim is really in good shape these days.
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*in good shape

 and *in good condition physically and functionally sound and sturdy. (Used for both people and things. *Typically: be ~; get ~; keep ~.)
This car isn't in good shape. I'd like to have one that's in better condition. Mary is in good condition. She exercises and eats right to stay healthy. You have to make an effort to get into good shape.
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Our technology represents the most effective way of functionally testing complex design ideas.
Each side panel includes a waist region, a hip region and a leg region wherein the waist region, the hip region and the leg region differs structurally, functionally and visually to provide an improved initial fit and sustained fit while exhibiting a garment-like appearance.
Int'l Symposium on Multiscale Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials (10th: 2008: Sendai, Japan) Ed.
Exxelor reactive polymers are functionally grafted polyolefins used for impact modifying engineering thermoplastics and polyolefins.
* When they learn that 40% of the nation's functionally disabled people who need long-term care are between the ages of 18 and 64, they realize they need to purchase coverage for themselves and are motivated to buy it.
The Policy Directorate, which can be reached at (703) 588-8860, is organized functionally with five divisions:
A steep claim indeed, yet the author is prepared to back it up with an in-depth examination of how the technology is used, its benefits especially to sight-impaired or functionally illiterate individuals, current trends in computing, and much more.
The mechanisms behind androgen independence are not completely understood, but scientists do know that this phenomenon sometimes occurs when androgen receptors go functionally awry.
Over time, functionally oriented industries become more functionally oriented and emotionally oriented industries become more emotionally oriented.
Citing industry standards, it claimed that the engine, APU and airframe were functionally interdependent; thus, the "unit of property" was the entire aircraft.
However, one photograph, by Nebojsa Seric-Shoba, balances out the otherwise superficial commentary on killing: a bird's-eye view of geometrically arranged piles of the dead at Auschwitz--killing as an endeavor rationally and functionally carried out.
The new study "provides additional evidence that mathematics and language are functionally and neuroanatomically independent," remarks neuroscientist Elizabeth M.
We welcomed your comments, listened to your feedback and worked very hard this year to improve UBRT editorially and functionally.
For patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy, surgery is an increasingly common alternative and MEG is proving useful for locating epileptogenic zones in relation to other functionally important areas of the brain.
TEI's letter explained that two broad interpretations of Article 7(1) of the Model Treaty are currently used by OECD Member countries: The "relevant business activity" approach and the "functionally separate entity" approach.