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Excel will open the Function Arguments dialog for the VLOOKUP function.
What this preamble all leads up to is that our ability to detect changes in vestibular function is sometimes dependent on very advanced technology that is not available outside of a few centers in the Western world.
This research might include the use of mutants to understand the mechanisms controlling the following processes: neurogenesis, nervous system patterning, cell lineage, cell migration, formation of neural circuits, programmed cell death, axon pathfinding and regeneration, myelination, and motor and sensory function.
Tax cosourcing enabled the tax compliance function to keep pace with the company's growth initiatives, updating tax compliance processes and technology with little or no disruption to the tax department.
Second, we asked participants to describe the functions provided by these alternative sources of support.
Because be had developed an interpretation of the function from the physical model, instruction that showed him how to write an equation did not compromise his opportunity for reasoning about the function, but helped symbolically anchor his knowledge.
CEOs rely on business process outsourcing for many important transactional functions, but their focus is shifting to strategic functions in future outsourcing plans.
A billing function within the medical record truly makes it possible for clinicians to do "one-stop shopping" in caring for patients.
Many of these individuals retain clear evidence of integrated brain function at the level of the brain stem and mid-brain, and may have evidence of cortical functioning.
Bouchard was appointed Assistant Director of the Supervisory and Risk Policy Function after having been the manager of the Policy Development Section.
From 1938 to 1946, 37 volumes of the NBS Math Tables Series were issued, containing tables of trigonometric functions, the exponential function, natural logarithms, probability functions, and related interpolation formulae (23).
44] The regulations go on to set out several reasons for considering a job function essential: the position exists to perform that particular function; there are a limited number of employees to whom the function can be given; or the position is so specialized that the employees were hired because of their expertise or ability to perform it.
The pace of gene discovery rapidly accelerates, but its potential for explaining life at the molecular level remains largely unrealized because our understanding of gene function lags increasingly far behind.