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fumble for (something)

To make a clumsy, struggling attempt to find or grasp something. I fumbled for the light switch in the dark. Alice stood there, sobbing, and I fumbled for the right words to console her.
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fumble for something

to try to grasp awkwardly for something. He fumbled for his wallet, hoping Wally would pay the bill. Tex was shot while fumbling for his gun.
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I'm intrigued by what I perceive to be a universally human vulnerability to fumble.
Searcy intercepted Brian Hoyer twice and Hughes scored on an 18-yard fumble return in Buffalo's 26-10 win over Cleveland.
Always emphasize: "We want to advance the fumble whenever possible and score."
Dunlap had two fumble returns in his whole time as a college player.
Scerra (Marlboro, 207 career catches, 26 TDs, 2,479 yards), LB Adam Straughn (team-best 85 tackles, 64 solo, 91/2 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles), LB Nick Doria (56 tackles, 43 solo, 6 tackles for loss, INT).
We got some lucky bounces with fumbles that didn't turn into turnovers.
The hit, which can be seen in the video above, forced a Wolverines fumble in the fourth quarter of the game and even led to a touchdown for Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks, who were trailing 22-21 with a little more than eight minutes to go.
Recommendations Buy Indianapolis supremacy plus 5pts at 9 Sporting Index Buy G Brackett defensive performance 2pts at 33 Sporting Index Buy total fumbles lost 20pts at 1.4 Sporting Index
A BATON fumble by Craig Pickering got our men's 4x100 team disqualified after they finished second in their semi-final yesterday.
With a few of his former girlfriends distracting him, Hamish fumbles around, but in the end, reaches the proper conclusion.
This will be loved by the legion of athletes who have given 100 percent but find themselves consigned to the "green weenies" while the "blue team" fumbles the game.
He also led Southern with nine pass breakups, two forced fumbles and a blocked field goal.
Mathis had a league-leading eight forced fumbles during the regular season.