fumble for

fumble for (something)

To make a clumsy, struggling attempt to find or grasp something. I fumbled for the light switch in the dark. Alice stood there, sobbing, and I fumbled for the right words to console her.
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fumble for something

to try to grasp awkwardly for something. He fumbled for his wallet, hoping Wally would pay the bill. Tex was shot while fumbling for his gun.
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Willamette never advanced past the Thurston 29-yard line, and that play ended in a lost fumble for the Wolverines (3-2, 1-2), who managed just 62 yards in the second half.
Smith ran for 144 yards and a touchdown while defensive end Jason Taylor also returned a fumble for a score.
"Basically it looks like history is kind of repeating itself and if I return a fumble for the third time in a row against Berlin Thunder on Sunday I'll be looking for a free pizza from somebody!"
Julian Edelman returned a fumble for a touchdown and caught a 56-yard pass for a score before leaving with a head injury.
Defensive end Roger Blaikie recovered a fumble for a touchdown in a week 7 overtime win over the Townies.
On defense, freshman Jordan Koehler had a game-high 13 tackles and forced a fumble for the AmCats.