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fulminate against (someone or something)

To verbally attack someone or something. How long do you think we've got until Uncle Al starts fulminating against the government?
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fulminate against someone or something

to denounce someone or something. The workers were fulminating against their employer. They are fulminating against the president of the union.
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Not too many years ago, I would have fulminated over what a ludicrous waste of pounds 17m it was to have the grey brigade filling up the buses and tootling off to town to drink tea and meet their mates.
American Jewish extremists fulminated against it as anti-Semitic hatred of Judaism.
All of us who fulminated at her treatment of the Bennet family - and Elizabeth Bennet in particular - in Jane Austen's masterpiece Pride and Prejudice have been waiting for the day when she tripped over her pride and fell flat on her sour face.
TNR fulminated, "For Weisberg, the anticommunists have nothing more to teach....
She points to a Supreme Court case in which Justice Antonin Scalia fulminated in dissent over a county affirmative action plan that resulted in a woman getting put ahead for a skilled road-maintenance job.
I drove back and forth between Massachusetts and New Jersey to see my father every week, and when I was in an especially masochistic mood, I would listen to Rush Limbaugh's version of Medicare "reform." He fulminated over accusations that the Republicans were heartless because they were cutting Medicare by $250 billion.
In our September 15 issue we fulminated that the press in general and The New York Times in particular were ignoring the important evidence David Pearson provided in our August 18-25 issue that numerous government agencies knew or should have known that K.A.L.
Speaking on the occasion, central vice president ANP Arbab Zahir Kasi fulminated against conducting drone strikes in tribal areas and said that the unmanned drone attacks were result of flawed policies of the government.
As he fulminated on air Mariella Frostrup rang in to say the same thing had happened to her.
On The McLaughlin Group, Fred Barnes, his iron-curtain juices flowing, fulminated that the "old communists" have taken over in Russia again.
Addressing the protesters, JWP, Anjuman Tajiran and Jeweller Association leaders Abdul Hameed, Jalil Agha and others fulminated against police and provincial government for failing to provide protection to life and property of the people in the provincial metropolis.