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fulminate against (someone or something)

To verbally attack someone or something. How long do you think we've got until Uncle Al starts fulminating against the government?
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fulminate against someone or something

to denounce someone or something. The workers were fulminating against their employer. They are fulminating against the president of the union.
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But when he tried on six or seven occasions to make mercury fulminate "it simply went into a goo".
The editorial fulminates at the "shambolic launch" of the competition, arguing that early soundbites made the sport's existing fan-base "feel like outcasts" while attempting to attract a new core.
A B fulminates against the European Convention on Human Rights and implies that by leaving the EU we would no longer be subject to it, but still free to enjoy trade with Germany, without the costs of community membership.
Eusebius' Church History agonises over and fulminates against heretics and heresies--a handy list of them is furnished in G.A.
The subject fulminates; it takes two hefty volumes to hold contributions (though well-vetted) to the 23rd conference (2005, San Diego).
Pap fulminates against the accomplishments of free African Americans, the Widow Douglas perpetuates the white patriarchy through her paternalism toward her slaves, and Tom upholds the same racial hierarchy behind all of his fantastic tomfoolery.
Initially, the chaplain fulminates against gambling by soldiers and waxes about his participation in the military temperance movement.
Set in Berlin on that signally historic night of 9 November 1989, Nox sparkles with allusions to the urban poetry of expressionists and to fiction from Doblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz to Grass's Hundejahre, glitters with elegant sentences and literally terrific images, and virtually fulminates with allegorical freight.
Dobson, founder and president of Focus on the Family, also fulminates about gay people and their influence on America.
They don't have men and women any more - they have 'it"' - Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky fulminates about the bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst (pictured) winning the Eurovision song contest.
Although the federal government forbids private health care and fulminates against it, privately owned abortion clinics, operating solely for profit at the expense of taxpayers are accepted and tolerated.