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be a (fully) paid-up member of something

To be a certified member of a particular group or organization; to have paid the necessary dues or fees to be part of a group. I never knew until he was on his deathbed that my father was a paid-up member of the Freemasons. You'll have to be a fully paid-up member of the union before we can give you any regular shifts on the docks.
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fully sick

slang Especially good, cool, or appealing. Primarily heard in Australia. The special effects in this series are fully sick, don't you think?
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The facility's computer-automated reclamation processing system uses customized conveyors, an elliptical sorter, large storage hoppers and a fully automated horizontal baler to automatically separate, store, compact and bale reclaimed newsprint, old corrugated containers and other recycled paper and packaging, aluminum, steel, glass and plastic.
The researchers got a surprising result: About 35 percent of the fully mature cells produced embryos, whereas only 11 percent of the intermediate and 8 percent of the stem cells did.
Fund VII is one year ahead of being fully invested, which is expected to occur by the spring of 2007.
Clamp type: Horizontal, electric or fully hydraulic
"The significance of one million fully paid life members is staggering in its implications to our mission of building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families," said Commander Jackson.
Not only is it less expensive, but compared with proprietary PBX solutions, because it is open, the Denphone platform is fully programmable and expandable.
Distortions in VAT recovery can also arise where a fully taxable business makes an auxiliary exempt supply, e.g., a manufacturer makes a loan to an affiliate.
We are less than confident that fully implemented CSCPs will increase academic achievement based on our earlier review.
Electronic trading of stocks essentially began with the development of Instinet, the brainchild of an aerospace analyst who wanted to replace the middlemen in stock transactions by using a fully computerized exchange.
While the system strongly supports fully automated and fully manual processes for collection building, the technology also supports semi-automated processes emphasizing interactive subject domain expertise.
Thermo Electron's ARL QuantoShelter is in effect a "lab in the box." It is fully transportable and in an air-conditioned reinforced cabin, specially designed to house the fully automated spectrometer--comprising the ARL 3460 or ARL 4460 metals analyzer and the ARL SMS-2000 robotics system with sample preparation.
De Vries (Professor of Church Education, Calvin Seminary), Living Fully In The Shadow Of Death: Assurance And Guidance To Finish Well is an invaluable treatise and guide to the practical and spiritual issues and concerns of dying in the modern age.
In "How Christian Are Christian Churches?" you might have included the one mainline Protestant denomination that does accept gays and lesbians fully: The United Church of Christ, which has approximately 1.3 million members and 6,000 churches, became in 198.5 and remains the only denomination to adopt a policy of being "open and affirming." This means that the denomination accepts gays and lesbians in all aspects of worship and ministry.
Seventy six percent of the participating students attended 50% or more of the classes to be considered fully participatory in the program.
The Memory Tool Kit provides a comprehensive resource for system designers interfacing to QDR II SRAM devices and is fully hardware characterized with 200 MHz devices from Samsung.