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A Yes vote would create a need to establish, maintain and develop independence to the fullest extent.
The Aristocard concierge is capable of ensuring all requests, no matter how special or how ordinary, are taken care of to the fullest extent.
The Government expects the fullest cooperation from the Holy See, the Catholic Church in Ireland and all other relevant bodies with a view to ensuring that Ireland is a society fully safe for children and minors," it added.
As racism and sexism's power in the world fades, these women seek to live their lives to the fullest.
We intend to use her talents to the fullest extent.
World renowned cyclist, Lance Armstrong recalls the years following his recovery from cancer, victories in five Tour de France races, and shares the importance of living each day to the fullest.
Bond was speaking on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer about the National Security Agency's phone-record collection program, and he said that government agencies "meticulously keep the privacy of American citizens protected to the fullest extent of the law.
As a lawyer and older brother of two current Antelope Valley Union High School District students, I will strongly encourage them to resist this badging nonsense (``Badges for students, like it or not,'' May 5) to the fullest when it is imposed upon their student body this fall.
Our mission is and always has been the fullest accounting of all missing in action and prisoners of war, especially those who were last known alive.
When Stewart quit hoping for a miracle cure and accepted her condition, she in no way let go of the pleasures she'd had before: her active life is enhanced with a guide dog's help and makes Images And Echoes a positive story of adjustment and a life lived to the fullest.
The second Hart's Crossing tale (see LEGACY LANE for the previous novel) is a fine tale that emphasizes life is to be lived to the fullest at any age.
He concludes: "We are called to settle for nothing less than a passionate love affair with God and with life, embracing God and the creation through which God shimmers, living madly in the fantasy that this universe is not purposeless, but that we are called toward the drama and pain of life and love lived to the fullest.
A vibrant democracy requires the fullest possible participation of its citizens and we urge our readers and their clients to vote.
We attain results through our unqualified commitment to helping each and every patient achieve his/her fullest potential and by providing programs and services designed to improve patient outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.
She said: ``We have a very clear strategy: we want to make sure the public and the NHS have got the fullest possible information, we want to try and minimise travel to the affected areas, we are finding and reporting any suspected cases.