full steam ahead

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full steam ahead

1. adjective Moving or proceeding with the utmost speed, energy, or enthusiasm. With all the legal hurdles behind us, it was full steam ahead as we began construction of the new resort. It took a while for solar panels to catch on for ordinary consumers, but now it's full steam ahead.
2. adverb As quickly and efficiently as possible; with all possible energy and determination. We'll have to go full steam ahead if we want to get this done by the deadline! We're ready to go full steam ahead once the health inspector signs off.
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full steam ahead

Fig. onward with determination. We started moving full steam ahead on the project. Full steam ahead! Let's see how fast this will go!
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full steam ahead

If you go full steam ahead with a project, you start to do it with great energy and determination. Note: The following expressions refer to the use of steam to provide power for a machine, especially a steam engine. The Government was determined to go full steam ahead with its privatisation programme. The Prime Minister declared it was full steam ahead for a fourth term of government.
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full steam (or speed) ahead

used to indicate that you should proceed with as much speed or energy as possible.
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full steam/speed aˈhead

with as much speed or energy as possible: We were working full steam ahead to finish the project by the end of April.This expression refers to the order given on a ship by the captain to the engine room.
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full speed/steam ahead!

Proceed with all possible rapidity and power. Both versions refer to the steam engine in ships and locomotives, as does with a full head of steam. “Full steam” meant a boiler that had developed maximum pressure. The terms became popular through an order attributed to David Glasgow Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay (Aug. 5, 1864): “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!” (Torpedoes in those days referred to mines.) They were transferred to nonmilitary enterprises soon afterward, but ironically one of them resurfaced in literal fashion more than a century later. In 1989 environmental activists from the Greenpeace movement sailed out among U.S. Navy boats that were testing torpedoes off the coast of Florida in order to impede what they perceived as a hazard to the surrounding ecology. The Greenpeace order of the day was, again, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead,” and the navy, either unwittingly or on purpose, collided with the Greenpeace vessel, which was severely damaged.
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Sometimes we can run full steam ahead with our own plans without asking God in prayer if they are HIS plans.
I REFER to the article, Full Steam Ahead for Trip into the Past (DP, Oct 9), in which Peter Elson states that the Daily Post's York Yuletide Express on December 14 will feature the first visit to Liverpool of the Jubilee class steam locomotive Leander since withdrawal in 1964.
FULL STEAM AHEAD: A welder at work on the steam locomotive which is under construction in Darlington.
JONJO O'NEILL yesterday insisted that no physical reason contributed to Black Jack Ketchum's first defeat at Cheltenham on Saturday and declared that it was "full steam ahead" for the World Hurdle favourite.
'It is now full steam ahead for the start of the season in September.'
Globally, Asia plowed full steam ahead in 2003 while IPO activity in the U.S.
It was full steam ahead with celebrations for two local firms who together have clocked up 140 years in business.
CORK: 5.25 Zylan, 5.55 Full Steam Ahead, 6.25 Little Sweetheart, 6.55 Photo Call, 7.25 Dalkova, 7.55 Tarana, 8.25 Teochrios.
It is full steam ahead now with our plans and work is expected to start on site during the summer holidays."
FULL STEAM AHEAD: Engines let off steam at the annual Birkenhead Park Festival of Transport
TEAM GB's ever-rising medal count is all well and good but, in far more exciting news, the Spice Girls' Olympics closing ceremony performance really is going full steam ahead.
IT'S now full steam ahead for Travis Dickinson in his quest to capture the English light-heavyweight crown.
Continuing with the train theme it's full steam ahead as Transport for London are sacking 800 staff on the underground only to replace them with unpaid jobseekers provided by - yes, you guessed it, the Government's new work programme!
IT'S full steam ahead today at the Stoneleigh Model Railway Show.
"If I can manage that it will be full steam ahead in pre-season."