full speed ahead

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full speed ahead

1. adjective Moving or proceeding with the utmost speed, energy, or enthusiasm. With all the legal hurdles behind us, it was full speed ahead as we began construction of the new resort. It took a while for solar panels to catch on for ordinary consumers, but now it's full speed ahead.
2. adverb As quickly and efficiently as possible; with all possible energy and determination. We'll have to go full speed ahead if we want to get this done by the deadline! We're ready to go full speed ahead once the health inspector signs off.
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full speed ahead

Also, full steam ahead. As fast and as strongly as possible. For example, There's only one way we'll get there on time, so go full speed ahead, or Production would go full steam ahead as soon as the orders were confirmed. It is also put as with a full head of steam, as in She was traveling with a full head of steam-she was due there at noon. These expressions all allude to the steam engine, where full steam signifies that a boiler has developed maximum pressure. They became well known through an order allegedly given by Admiral David Farragut at the battle of Mobile Bay (1864): "Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!"
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full steam/speed aˈhead

with as much speed or energy as possible: We were working full steam ahead to finish the project by the end of April.This expression refers to the order given on a ship by the captain to the engine room.
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full speed/steam ahead!

Proceed with all possible rapidity and power. Both versions refer to the steam engine in ships and locomotives, as does with a full head of steam. “Full steam” meant a boiler that had developed maximum pressure. The terms became popular through an order attributed to David Glasgow Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay (Aug. 5, 1864): “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!” (Torpedoes in those days referred to mines.) They were transferred to nonmilitary enterprises soon afterward, but ironically one of them resurfaced in literal fashion more than a century later. In 1989 environmental activists from the Greenpeace movement sailed out among U.S. Navy boats that were testing torpedoes off the coast of Florida in order to impede what they perceived as a hazard to the surrounding ecology. The Greenpeace order of the day was, again, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead,” and the navy, either unwittingly or on purpose, collided with the Greenpeace vessel, which was severely damaged.
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In terms of the drug war: Full speed ahead but make it more comprehensive.
After that, it is full speed ahead for the play-offs, and a Knockout Cup semi-final against Rye House next month, the results of which could see the Diamonds racing every Sunday through to October 30.
In conducting its study, US Executives on M&A: Full Speed Ahead in 2016, KPMG surveyed 553 corporate and private equity leaders, M&A professionals, investors and advisors.
The liner steamed full speed ahead and steered a zig-zag course to avoid the enemy.
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) -- The state may have been passed over as a drone testing site last year, but a western Ohio community college is moving full speed ahead on the development, teaching and application of drone technology.
* FULL SPEED AHEAD: Huddersfield's thrash metal merchants Evile, from left, Joel Graham, Matt Drake, Ben Carter and Ol Drake, back on tour
Following its recent purchase of 711 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, Metropolitan Realty Associates (MRA) announced the hiring of CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as exclusive leasing agent as it moves full speed ahead with its big plans for the property.
FULL SPEED AHEAD: Moors striker Simon Johnson looks to sprint away from Eastwood's Russell Cooke
As soon as the four-man group charged with the responsibility of identifying George Burley's successor knew Levein would be willing to open talks they decided to go full speed ahead.
The US$90 million Vistas de San Juan project on the former Clarion Hotel complex next to the Puerto Rico Convention Center on Fernandez Juncos Ave in Miramar is moving full speed ahead, with the interior remodeling of the existing units completed, reports Caribbean Business (Oct .
IT'S full speed ahead in Coventry for an unusual exhibition called The Art of Custom Bikes.
Crowe, Scott and Nottingham producer Brian Grazer had a preproduction meeting last week, and everything was full speed ahead," Freeman's spokesman said.
He responded by declaring that she was steering "full speed ahead for the rocks" and remained a trenchant critic.
At the time of his removal from the post of Lord Privy Seal in 1981, Gilmour issued a dramatic statement claiming that Thatcher was steering "full speed ahead for the rocks".
He will claim the Government is going "full speed ahead on moves which may lead to increased risk of devastation" by seeking to close fire control centres and allowing building on flood plains.