full of (oneself)

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full of (oneself)

Having an inflated view of one's importance, to the annoyance of others. Oh, he is so full of himself! Despite what he's told you, he is not the most valuable member of our team, believe me.
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*full of oneself

Fig. conceited; self-important. (*Typically: act ~; be ~.) Mary is very unpopular because she's so full of herself. She doesn't care about other people's feelings. She's too full of herself.
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full of oneself

Conceited, self-centered, as in Ever since she won the prize Mary's been so full of herself that no one wants to talk to her . This expression uses full of in the sense of "engrossed with" or "absorbed with," a usage dating from about 1600.
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full of yourself

very self-satisfied and with an exaggerated sense of self-worth; bumptious.
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ˈfull of yourself

(disapproving) feeling successful and very proud of yourself because of it: He came to see us last week, very full of himself because he had just been promoted.
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Us women are conditioned to believe "fixing" is something that should be a hidden affair, lest we be considered full of ourselves. The reality is that caring for yourself is liberty you are entitled to.
There reasons vary from it comes across as "full of ourselves" to being more team-oriented.
"We got a little full of ourselves and that's the result.
Lord, help us not to be so full of ourselves so that we can truly love and serve.
"We don't want to get too full of ourselves and we want to stay hungry throughout the year.
"But you know, sometimes I think maybe we were just full of ourselves."
"We were guilty with our attitude or full of ourselves because of the previous week, whichever way you want to point the finger.
But after seeing England's friendlies against Chile and Germany last week, it seems we are still too full of ourselves and still lagging behind the world's leading teams.
In his address at Christmas mass in St Peter's Basilica, the Pope said that we all have become too busy and full of ourselves to make room for others, the Telegraph reported.
"It was massive for us not to concede a try in Scotland, especially when we were under the pump, and we have got to take confidence from that into this game but not be too full of ourselves. Italy had a hard day at the office against England, but they will be a different team at home so we're going to have to be up for the challenge to get a win.
New Moon Girl Editorial Board girls wanted to get the lowdown on size, so they got some advice from Lisa Sjostrom, coauthor of Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health and Leadership.
We're full of ourselves.We'relike GlennHoddle, theex-Englandmanager, who was nicknamed Chocolate - because he was so good at playing he thought he could eat himself.
"To win 41-7 against a real good team bodes well but we can't get too full of ourselves because we have a heck of an opponent coming up on the coast."
In olden days, when I was cookery editor of the Observer magazine, I recall giving a recipe for roast turkey in 1964; knowing I could not write that again I commended braised turkey the following year, boiled turkey the year after that (we were full of ourselves, had won the World Cup and felt we could do no wrong) and then in 1967 I suggested Reform lamb cutlets to precede the Christmas pudding.