full of (oneself)

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full of (oneself)

Having an inflated view of one's importance, to the annoyance of others. Oh, he is so full of himself! Despite what he's told you, he is not the most valuable member of our team, believe me.
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*full of oneself

Fig. conceited; self-important. (*Typically: act ~; be ~.) Mary is very unpopular because she's so full of herself. She doesn't care about other people's feelings. She's too full of herself.
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full of oneself

Conceited, self-centered, as in Ever since she won the prize Mary's been so full of herself that no one wants to talk to her . This expression uses full of in the sense of "engrossed with" or "absorbed with," a usage dating from about 1600.
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full of yourself

very self-satisfied and with an exaggerated sense of self-worth; bumptious.
See also: full, of

ˈfull of yourself

(disapproving) feeling successful and very proud of yourself because of it: He came to see us last week, very full of himself because he had just been promoted.
See also: full, of
References in periodicals archive ?
Nominating Ulrika, Coolio, 45, said: "I think she's just a little bit full of herself.
One claims: "Peaches has to work hard to get people to like her and, because she's insecure, often comes across as aloof, conceited and full of herself.
Emma Crosby doesn't seem interested, Kate Garraway is too full of herself and Ben Shephard has so much else going on he wouldn't miss the early mornings.
Grassick said: "She was getting a bit full of herself before that race-she knew it was coming-and needed a run to settle her.
Penny seems to think that nurses are only there to empty bed pans and the pallid Ms Petrenko is far too full of herself for Penny's liking.
The Newmarket workout was conducted at a steady pace, but Kalypso Katie looked full of herself when moving upsides her lead horse in the closing stages of a seven-and-a-half-furlong spin.
She is looking wonderful and really full of herself.
She worked a mile on the watered gallop and was full of herself.
For a five-year-old mare she was full of herself and she is a credit to Cheveley Park for keeping her in training.
she's totally full of herself, and kind of annoying, but still preferable to nurse Tait, who is permanently on the verge of tears due to some dreadful childhood trauma.
She is a bit of a monkey but she is full of herself.
Full of herself in the paddock, Montare was in midfield early on but had to be pushed along a little before the straight, where she was slightly hampered twice by the runner-up.
Derek Haydn Jones, trainer of Princess Valerina "I think she will run very well as she's full of herself at home.
You can see his point, but Charity'so full of herself at getting one over on the Kings, today might be the perfect opportunity to bury bad news.
Lotus touches on several of them and, while it's an album that confirms the impression of a lady who is more than a little full of herself, it is no doubt set to ensure her success continues to blossom.