full of (oneself)

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full of (oneself)

Having an inflated view of one's importance, to the annoyance of others. Oh, he is so full of himself! Despite what he's told you, he is not the most valuable member of our team, believe me.
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*full of oneself

Fig. conceited; self-important. (*Typically: act ~; be ~.) Mary is very unpopular because she's so full of herself. She doesn't care about other people's feelings. She's too full of herself.
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full of oneself

Conceited, self-centered, as in Ever since she won the prize Mary's been so full of herself that no one wants to talk to her . This expression uses full of in the sense of "engrossed with" or "absorbed with," a usage dating from about 1600.
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full of yourself

very self-satisfied and with an exaggerated sense of self-worth; bumptious.
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ˈfull of yourself

(disapproving) feeling successful and very proud of yourself because of it: He came to see us last week, very full of himself because he had just been promoted.
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'What surprised me most was when we approached the woman, she was full of herself when replying our queries, even when we insisted that she should stop maltreating the child, she to us that she the girl is her child and that even if she wants to kill her, it is nobody's business because she is her own.
She had been working well and eating well, was full of herself every day and giving plenty of trouble at home, as is her habit.
Prosecutor James McTaggart told the court during the four-week trial that Lilley always wanted to kill someone before she turned 25 and once she had ticked murder off her "bucket list" she was "full of herself and euphoric" that she could not help but boast to a work colleague about the crime she had committed, the Independent reported. 
She is just full of herself right now and raring to go." Enable has been installed as the early favorite to win this weekend, but Dettori is only too aware of the credentials of a couple of other runners in this high-class field.
Such is the poster girl of insensitivity, so full of herself that she couldn't even sense the suffering and the needs of others and the urgency of the situation.
The photo went viral and gave rise to criticism that the singer is hated by many people due to her attitude, the way she treats people, and how she is considered to be full of herself .
After showing a film at the Cannes Film Festival in France a few years ago, she found she was growing full of herself.
Now, though, she seems to have had a personality transplant and is really arrogant and full of herself.
Now, though, she seems to have had a personality transplant and is really arrogant and full of herself. And she never stops banging on about her diet.
In comparison with a great many of the actresses I had met in my years of writing about show business, she was not even half full of herself. She seemed curious, sophisticated, and unpretentious and compared with people I have known in universities she seemed to have been particularly well educated.
My mother was a beautiful woman, and while she had some vanity, she was never arrogant or full of herself. She was very gracious and sweet, treated people well, and proudly loved her son.
People think that the tomboy is humble, sporty, and athletic; the girly-girl can't live without makeup, is full of herself, and hates sports.
"She's quite full of herself. She feels quite special really," said proud grandmother Kay Todd.
Peaches is difficult and full of herself, but at the same time dreadfully insecure." Jeanne-Marine - Geldof's French partner of 16 years - dotes on Tiger Lily.
Imogen says: "She's totally full of herself, I can't get over it.