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rude slang Someone who is stupid or foolish. Oh, don't listen to anything that fuckhead has to say! It's freezing outside—where's your coat, you fuckhead?


rude slang Stupid or foolish. Oh, don't listen to any fuckheaded thing that guy has to say! It's freezing, and you came outside without a coat? Are you fuckheaded?
See also: fuckhead


n. a stupid and obnoxious person. (Taboo. Usually objectionable.) Don’t be such a fuckhead! Go back there and stand up for yourself!


mod. stupid; senseless. (Taboo. Usually objectionable.) You idiot! What a fuckheaded thing to do!
See also: Fuckhead
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There were no footprints leading to his camp this morning, and this makes me think that homeless fuckheads behind his camp, over the berm and there is a small homeless encampment on the other side of that berm, and they cld have come in a couple of days ago if they saw us taking stuff out, and left no foot prints.
The crazy fuckheads (my pet name for misogynists everywhere) are not content that their ideology has put headscarves on the heads of 90% of Egyptian women.
Then the Fuckheads come with their memes and dreams of another
It was everything I don't want playing music, dealing with fuckheads like this.
A love story involving two HIV-positive men, The Living End was dedicated to "the hundreds of thousands who've died and the hundreds of thousands more who will die because of a big, white house full of Republican fuckheads.