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He wanted to tell him that even though he'd fucked up so bad that he'd probably win the world championship of fuck-ups, he'd been raised up right, by parents who cared and taught him to stand tall and proud; he wanted to say that though he might not be Michelangelo, he, Donny, possessed a talent as true and deep and real as anyone's, that though on the outside he looked just like any old trailer trash, with his scruffy pony tail and tattooed arms, on the inside he wasn't that way at all.
Last year, everyone in Fucked Up quit their second jobs.
The result is a wild double construction, combining the obvious artifice of a rock opera with the roughness of a hardcore band, a type that Fucked Up has always pushed against and, arguably, long since destroyed.
Brent: We got kicked off a show in Nashville because I was fucked up on acid and ripped a bathroom up.
Talk about your martial arts training, and tell the story of how you fucked up that dude in Australia.
About half the street performers, including the pregnant juggling mother, painted their faces like clowns--like sad, dirty, fucked up clowns, and it was hard to decide if the make-up was used to make them look more jovial or just more tragic.
If you get into cocaine or heroin or whatever, you could be fucked up and some people never get out of that.
I'm writing this letter on top of the latest KOTR issue, and it is making me think all about how fucked up my life is.
They'd fuck around and fuck chicks and get fucked up.
Anyone does anything and someone else hears about it, then someone else hears about it, and then along the line it gets twisted and fucked up in the some way.
That's actually my favorite thing to play, parties: where punks and metalheads are getting fucked up.