fuck it

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1. verb, vulgar slang To have sex (with someone), especially without love or intimacy.
2. verb, rude slang Used as an imperative to express utter contempt, disdain, or disregard for someone or something. A: "Get out of here, pal." B: "I have every right to be here, so fuck you!" Man, fuck this. I'm sick and tired of this dead-end job. A: "What about our customers? Won't this put their investments in jeopardy?" B: "Maybe, but it benefits us—so fuck 'em."
3. verb, rude slang To con, swindle, cheat, or unfairly deprive one; to put one at a disadvantage or in a difficult position, especially in an unfair or selfish manner. We should have won that game, but the referee really fucked us! Tom totally fucked us when he quit in the middle of the project!
4. noun, vulgar slang Sexual intercourse. It's been nearly four months. I'm in dire need of a good fuck. If you're just looking for a quick fuck, then you need to look elsewhere, buddy. I ain't that kind of gal.
5. noun, vulgar slang A sexual partner as an object of gratification. Would you look at his body? I bet he's an amazing fuck.
6. noun, rude slang Any amount at all (of something). Used in negative constructions. I don't give a fuck if you're OK with my decision or not. It's my decision to make.
7. intensifier, rude slang Used with question words as a means of expressing one's extreme puzzlement, incredulity, indignation, etc. Just what the fuck were you thinking? Where the fuck did you get the money for all this stuff? Why in the fuck would I let you borrow my car for the weekend?
8. intensifier, rude slang Used with adverbials as a means of expressing one's extreme anger, indignation, exasperation, etc. I've heard enough out of you. Get the fuck out of my office before I call the police. Watch where the fuck you're going, man! Oh, shut the fuck up already, Mark. I'm so sick of your bullshit.
9. interjection, rude slang An exclamation of anger, indignation, irritation, or exasperation. A: "Fuck!" B: "What happened?" A: "I dropped my plate and it smashed on the ground!" The motor just burnt out on this mower again! Fuck!
10. interjection, rude slang Used to intensify or punctuate any extreme emotion, whether positive or negative. A: "I think the boss found out about the missing money." B: "Oh fuck, oh fuck! What am I going to do?" Fuck, this burger is delicious! Seriously, I've never had such a tasty burger in my life! Fuck, I have to go—I left the oven on at home!

fuck it

rude slang An expression of extreme frustration with a situation indicating that one has decided to no longer care about it or give it any attention. Fuck it, I don't need this kind of aggravation in my life—I'm leaving! Fuck it, I give up!
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Fuck it !

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Fuck it!

tv. To hell with it!; Forget it! (Taboo. Usually objectionable.) Your idea is stupid. Fuck it! Try something else.
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