fruits of labor

fruits of one's labor(s)

Fig. the results of one's work. We displayed the fruits of our labor at the county fair. What have you accomplished? Where is the fruit of your labors?
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The Fruits of Labor design is from Glaser's collection with GoodWeave member company Lapchi LLC, and is Goodweave certified.
The result, the year following his trip to China, was Staschke's introduction of his current series, The Fruits of Labor.
The Fruits of Labor series as a whole employs the moulded white stoneware sections more obviously as symbols of abundance than oppression--al though abundance, as the case of near-epidemic rates of obesity and diabetes in contemporary China suggest, can certainly have its pernicious side as well.
Triangle sponsored a concert by Fruits of Labor, the cultural group of the Black Workers for Justice, in preparation for the International Labor Tribunal to highlight the lack of labor rights around the world.
At the ideological level, Bruegel suggests, arguments for laissez-faire in commercial dealings took root as tools for restraining the influence of personal ties and preferences, but also came to combat "producerist" claims of equal rights to the fruits of labor.
It is said that elderly, spiritually inclined workers often buried silver coins with slogans on them near the early plantations at Darjeeling, to bring good luck to their fruits of labor.
Examples already abound that characterize the fruits of labor of our dedicated and untiring correctional counselors, teachers, security staff and all the others who contribute so much.
Creative ideas will mature, eventually showcasing the fruits of labor and rewarding the company with true long-term profitability.
The fruits of labor are rewarded by annual salary increases and bonuses, which exemplify the PIBH philosophy that employee contributions are valued and that the success of the company is attributed to its workforce.
Sony is hard at work on the PS4, and the fruits of labor may be seen in a few days' time, if a report quoting an insider is to be believed.
He discusses the ways in which Bolivians appropriate transnational legal discourses in the postcolonial era, narratives of gender within the law and what they reveal about relationships of power in contemporary Bolivia, discourses of universal human rights, and the tensions between the promise of liberalism in terms of universal human rights and other benign dimensions and its conceptions of the individual and the individual's relationship to the fruits of labor.
The measure also would expand Hawaii's role as a labor friendly state to include the protection of the fruits of labor resulting from ingenuity and imagination," Chan Hodges said.
Securing the Fruits of Labor goes a long way toward explaining what Americans meant, and didn't mean, in an era in which that sentiment was a rhetorical commonplace of their politics.
Up on the farm at Lake Farmpark, an outdoor science museum in Kirtland, visitors can sample the fruits of labor at Vintage Ohio August 6-7.
In distinguishing between croppers and tenants Southern courts adjudicated and articulated the most pressing issue of political economy: to whom did the fruits of labor belong, the owner of capital or the provider of "bone and muscle?