fruits of labor

the fruits of (one's) labor

The outcome or rewards of one's work or efforts. You worked hard this semester, and straight A's are the fruits of your labor. Please, have some fresh strawberries—they're the fruits of my labor in the garden.
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fruits of one's labor(s)

Fig. the results of one's work. We displayed the fruits of our labor at the county fair. What have you accomplished? Where is the fruit of your labors?
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Progress made to tackle corruption in Southeast Asia will go a long way in building a more cohesive regional economic community with the fruits of labor shared by one and all,' she added.
On the exhibit are 22 paintings-turned-cross-stitched artworks of Fernando Amorsolo (like Lady of Flowers, Fruit Gatherer, Waling Waling, The Offering, Cooking the Noonday Meal) and four Manuel Baldemor (Season of Hope, Pahiyas, Fruits of Labor, and Good Harvest), and other Filipiniana works.
The Fruits of Labor design is from Glaser's collection with GoodWeave member company Lapchi LLC, and is Goodweave certified.
But then we have been through a period when the fruits of speculation have had more appeal than the fruits of labor.
The result, the year following his trip to China, was Staschke's introduction of his current series, The Fruits of Labor.
Now Concord Picante, bless them, have released Lost and Found, thus allowing us to enjoy the fruits of labor of father and son.
Triangle sponsored a concert by Fruits of Labor, the cultural group of the Black Workers for Justice, in preparation for the International Labor Tribunal to highlight the lack of labor rights around the world.
Glade Ross decries the "theft" of his "hard earned" fruits of labor.
At the ideological level, Bruegel suggests, arguments for laissez-faire in commercial dealings took root as tools for restraining the influence of personal ties and preferences, but also came to combat "producerist" claims of equal rights to the fruits of labor.
It is said that elderly, spiritually inclined workers often buried silver coins with slogans on them near the early plantations at Darjeeling, to bring good luck to their fruits of labor.
Examples already abound that characterize the fruits of labor of our dedicated and untiring correctional counselors, teachers, security staff and all the others who contribute so much.
Creative ideas will mature, eventually showcasing the fruits of labor and rewarding the company with true long-term profitability.
Securing the Fruits of Labor also examines the distribution of wealth as it relates to the rise and fall of political parties, the labor movement, and the anti-slavery movement and abolitionism.
Both books are real contributions to our knowledge of urban and agricultural labor history, but just as the unionized workers could not see the migrant laborer to the east in the valley nor the fruits of labor rotting on the docks during the strike, so too historians often fail to ask why vision was so narrow.