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bring (something) to fruition

To complete or do something successfully. Although we initially struggled to get funding for our project, we were able to bring it to fruition.
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come to fruition

To successfully be brought into existence or to completion. Although we struggled to get funding, our project ultimately came to fruition.
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bring something to fruition

to make something come into being; to achieve a success. Do you think you can bring this plan to fruition? The plan was brought to fruition by the efforts of everyone.
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come to fruition

Fig. to occur or turn out as suspected or intended. When will all of these good things come to fruition? Our hard work and the end we planned for will soon come to fruition.
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Fruition has an investor base to support new investments and the firm is currently reviewing new opportunities in fuel distribution, specialty distribution (including food products), consumer products and services, tech-enabled services, and others such as niche manufacturing, and industrial services.
The combined strength of DXC's Fruition Partners business with Logicalis SMC strengthens DXC's scale, reach, industry experience and skills portfolio in the fast-growing enterprise software-as-a-service market.
Following the contract signing, Christodoulou expressed his satisfaction and thanked the minister of the interior and the Paphos district officer for their contribution which ended 25 years of waiting for the project to come to fruition.
Elstone, speaking in front of shareholders at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall, said: "Unless we get partnership with local authority it is going to be hard to bring it to fruition."
Lopez said the complaint against her would not result to fruition.
Resolve Systems said it has announced a strategic partnership with Fruition Partners.
“Houston has a wealth of tech ideas just brewing beneath the surface,” says Wes Okeke, founder of startup incubator Fruition Technology Labs in Houston.
Alastair Frew, real estate partner at Lodders, said: "Development in Bath is always sensitive in view of its architectural heritage and World Heritage status, but with careful consideration and discussion, we have been able to bring this project to fruition.
Summary: Following the initiative launched by the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, aimed at supporting the education sector in impoverished Pakistani areas, the Emirati project has come to fruition, resulting in handing over 45 educational projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as well as South Waziristan and Bajaur.
MARVELLOUS He said: "If Platini's idea comes to fruition, Scotland may be interested, especially for one of the semi-finals.
Waiting for the largest holidays of the year--Christmas and New Year--we remember the most important works of the year, we wish each other health, happiness, most beautiful aims and fruition of expectations.
The plans have been brought to fruition by locals Andrew Paul, Lyndsey Paul, Graham Lee, and Sharon Holding.
ENGLAND captain Phil Vickery believes the Australian pack has "come to fruition" under former Bath coach Michael Foley's tutelage.
Our determined efforts for a decade to make music teaching and music lessons even more visible to society are coming to fruition.
"My strengths are the ability to work with people and bring some ideas to fruition."