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freeze over

To become covered in ice, often of a body of water. I know the lake has frozen over, but I still don't think it's safe for you kids to go skating on it.
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freeze over

[for a body of water] to get cold and form a layer of ice on top. The pond froze over, so we went skating.
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chilled to the marrow


frozen to the marrow

mainly BRITISH
If you are chilled to the marrow or frozen to the marrow, you are very cold. Note: `Marrow' is the fatty substance inside the bones of a person or animal. She was chilled to the marrow and wet through.
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freeze over

1. To freeze completely at the surface: Once the pond freezes over we can go skating.
2. To become covered with a layer of ice: The bridge has frozen over, so drive very carefully.
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Bede Hubbard, spokesman for the Catholic Conference of Bishops, when he noted that human embryos should not have been artificially produced in vitro and frozen in the first place.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, including frozen bread and desserts.
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