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frown upon

To show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns upon my decision to go to a state school. Please stop frowning upon my choice and support me!
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frown on (something)

To disapprove or show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns on my decision to go to a state school. If people frown on such relationships, they're just living in the past.
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frown at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something with displeasure. Ted frowned at me as though I was the one who'd made that callous remark. Sadie frowned at the math problem that was giving her trouble.
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frown at someone or something

to scowl at someone or something. Please don't frown at me. I didn't do anything. Frank frowned at the dog and gave it a kick.
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frown on someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something; to show displeasure or disapproval of someone or something. The Internal Revenue Service frowns on tax cheaters. Aunt Clara always seemed to frown on my cousin for some reason.
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frown on

Regard with disapproval or distaste, as in Pat frowns on bad language. this idiom transfers the disapproving facial expression to the thought it expresses. [Late 1500s]
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frown on

or frown upon
To disapprove of something: The administration frowns on late submissions of the required forms. My parents frown upon loud music.
See also: frown, on
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We are not to give up on anyone but sadly, 'Duterte frowns on idea of reforming criminals,' the same Inquirer article blares.
Furthermore, participants rated how difficult they experienced the deliberate adoptions of the smiles and the frowns on a 7-point Likert Scale with verbal anchors at point 1 (not at all) and point 7 (very much).
HAPPY: Singer Bonnie Tyler is a fan of the procedure to smooth away facial wrinkles SMILE PLEASE: A Botox injection can have a happy side-effect as it wipes away frowns HAPPY: Model Linda Evangelista uses Botox
I see the frown on the parent's face when he says his son is majoring in "liberal arts." What he would rather say is that his son is majoring in accounting, computer science, engineering, or some discipline that he feels is a jump-start to a well-paying, and hopefully, stable career.
But since independent agents prefer to build relationships with customers, he frowns on "predictive dialing," where the system calls several prospects at once to improve workflow but often results in a delay after the customer picks up the phone.
The shop clerk frowns for a second, then replies with a smile: "We have not thought of a name yet."
More implacable than in other versions, she frowns on her son's frolics with peasant girls and gives him no gifts, only orders.
As the system practices imitating smiles and frowns, Essa sees the potential for realistic animation - the possibility of generating three-dimensional images with emotional depth.
BABIES pull faces and practise frowns and grimaces in the womb so they can show when they are uncomfortable, hungry or in pain after birth, research reveals today.
On the other hand, Havas was studying people after a pinpoint treatment to paralyze a single pair of "corrugator" muscles, which cause brow-wrinkling frowns.
BOTOX BRIDE: Kerry Hennessyfrom Birkdale, who wanted to make sure there were no frowns on her wedding day' HAPPY DAY: Kerry with sister Kate
"Rosenthal appeared to be reading at the start of the argument, which the court frowns on, and could not answer one of the Justice Ginsburg's questions," said Kenneth Jost, editor of The Supreme Court A to Z, a highly regarded guide to the court's rulings.
Smiles, frowns, and other emotional expressions attain greater intensity on the left side of the face, at least among right-handed adults.