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frown upon

To show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns upon my decision to go to a state school. Please stop frowning upon my choice and support me!
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frown on (something)

To disapprove or show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns on my decision to go to a state school. If people frown on such relationships, they're just living in the past.
See also: frown, on

frown at someone or something

to scowl at someone or something. Please don't frown at me. I didn't do anything. Frank frowned at the dog and gave it a kick.
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frown on someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something; to show displeasure or disapproval of someone or something. The Internal Revenue Service frowns on tax cheaters. Aunt Clara always seemed to frown on my cousin for some reason.
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frown on

Regard with disapproval or distaste, as in Pat frowns on bad language. this idiom transfers the disapproving facial expression to the thought it expresses. [Late 1500s]
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frown on

or frown upon
To disapprove of something: The administration frowns on late submissions of the required forms. My parents frown upon loud music.
See also: frown, on
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Frowner entertainment prexy Susan Lyne and ex-drama chief Thorn Sherman also had a hand in the development of the shows now wowing auds, while alternative topper Andrea Wong's impressive track record now boasts two new hits in "Wife Swap" and soph sensation "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
For its part, Paramount Classics will arrive in Toronto with newfound optimism, now that the company is freed from the short leash of frowner Viacom Entertainment chairman Jonathan Dolgen.
Frowners who are not attending any wake or visiting the sick are okay.
Even that "God is dead" business, which was none too scandalous in 1882, is now teachable only with a nervous eye on the frowners in class.
Whether you are the perpetual smiley face among frowners, or a bit of a Depressing Dan yourself, there are tricks that can be employed to keep table talk from getting lethal, advises Paula Renaye, a professional life coach and author of The Hardline Self Help Handbook: What Are You Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want?
All of them--the liberal (progressive, if you like), the conservative (in the rock-ribbed fiscal sense), the keep-out-of-the-bedroom sorts along with the hands-off-my-gun types--plus the swarm of frowners who, on one score or another, couldn't be happy-talked out of the evidence of their senses.
Smilers never lose, frowners never win, so let the sun shine in, face it with a grin.