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it'll be a frosty Friday (in July)

used to indicate that something is very unlikely to happen. Canadian informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew It would be a frosty Friday in the middle of July before he would discuss personal affairs with the press.
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1. and frosty one n. a beer; a cold beer. I need a frosty one after all that work. Hey, dude! How bout a frosty?
2. mod. cool; really cool and mellow. That music is really frosty.

frosty one

See frosty
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and turned to a press handler and asked frostily, "Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?
I'll pretend you never said that," said Penelope, frostily retaining her dignity after a rant from the Pub Column which DCI Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes would have been proud of.
Mr Goggins frostily replied: "We are working closely with the government in Afghanistan and with colleagues across government, not least with the Foreign Office.
Backs coach Wayne Smith reacted frostily after learning Wales coach Mike Ruddock had asked the International Rugby Board to clarify rules on obstruction.
THE news that Graeme Souness is the new Newcastle manager has been greeted somewhat frostily on Tyneside.
Had he lived, Mann would, you feel, behind that frostily formal demeanour have smiled ironically that many find media presentation is the only tolerable way to explore his rich and multi-faceted world with its distinguished prose, which today's society probably finds too long-winded to tackle.
We have no plans to implement these proposals," they announced frostily.
First of all New South Wales coach Steve Rixon gave him what-for rather frostily for batting on too long and setting the state side a ridiculous target.
After Swiss star Hingis won 6-2, 6-3 in Melbourne, the unseeded French player shook hands frostily, both barely looking at each other and skipping the traditional peck on the cheek.
Our snow blowers are made to operate on concrete," he frostily informed me.
YOU are aware, are you not," I said frostily down the phone to the editor of our local newspaper, "that we have entered, politically, a period of purdah?
Equally, telling your mother-inlaw exactly what you think of her might feel fantastic in the moment but not quite so good over the years ahead as you gaze frostily at each other over the Sunday dinner and your unsuspecting children who dote on both of you.
Yet, shamefully, on greeting our own dear foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, left, he frostily shook hands only.
My mum is frostily polite to him, while my dad ignores his very existence.
NORTH East MP Kevan Jones has reacted frostily to proposals to ban smoking in parliament's corridors and bars.