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it'll be a frosty Friday (in July)

used to indicate that something is very unlikely to happen. Canadian informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew It would be a frosty Friday in the middle of July before he would discuss personal affairs with the press.
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1. and frosty one n. a beer; a cold beer. I need a frosty one after all that work. Hey, dude! How bout a frosty?
2. mod. cool; really cool and mellow. That music is really frosty.

frosty one

See frosty
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As the final started the green was getting frostier making for a very tricky surface, at 14-10 Wormald got a two, but Scott then got back in to the contest and, playing a very good consistent length, soon left Wormald behind and ran out a comfortable 21-12 winner - making it three veteran winners out of the first six singles Griffin events this year.
The curious cold layer is far frostier than any part of Earth's atmosphere, for example, despite Venus being much closer to the Sun.
As over 2,500 Geordie fans chanted the name of Pardew during the 5-1 win over Hartlepool United, it would have been easy to forget that the LMA and Premier League manager of the year had arrived on Tyneside in 2010 amid a biting cold winter's day to an even frostier reception from supporters who weren't happy with his appointment.
Despite their shared privileged upbringings, and their right-wing bent, Romney has at least one fundamental difference with Cameron that could make for a reception far frostier than even the coldest of British summers can conjure.
Two other strong candidates, ultraconservative Hazem Abu-Ismail and moderate Islamist Abdel-Moneim Abol Fotoh, have frostier relations with the military and are thought more likely to try to deprive the generals of a significant political role after the transition of power.
Relations over oil between the GCC and Libya have been icy so far, but at a crucial meeting of Gulf Arab OPEC producers in December things could turn frostier.
The Syrian crisis has the potential to make ties between Ankara and Tehran frostier.
Even relations between political kindred spirits, such as British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the late US president Ronald Reagan, were sometimes frostier than acknowledged at the time.
ANKARA: Turkey on Wednesday threatened to recall its ambassador to Israel unless it received a formal apology over his treatment, in a row that has made even frostier the chilly ties between Jewish state and Muslim regional power.
Le Jazz Cool: This season, patinas are showing up cooler and frostier for shimmer that teases the eye and imagination.
That was a further sign of Moscow's frostier relations with the West after the Georgia crisis.
The leading powers are forced to cancel a meeting due to be held on the Iranian nuclear threat after Russia said the talks were not urgent, in a further sign of Moscow's frostier relations with the west after the Georgia crisis.
The climate for Muslims in Spain has become frostier since the 9/11, though in the 1990s, it was popular to convert to Islam.
Such a refreshing change from the frostier climes of northern France where we had holidayed before.