front for (someone or something)

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front for (someone or something)

1. verb To seem reputable in order to hide underhanded or illegal activities. Oh, come on, everybody knows that restaurant just fronts for the mob!
2. verb To handle or represent something publicly for someone or something. Don't worry, our lawyer will front for us—we don't have to speak to the press.
3. noun Something reputable that hides the underhanded or illegal activities of someone or something. Oh, come on, everybody knows that restaurant is just a front for the mob!
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front for someone or something

to serve as the public contact or public "face" for someone or something. Her publicity agent fronted for her most of the time. Max fronted for a gang of thieves.
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front for

1. To appear to operate with a legitimate purpose in order to conceal the operation of something or someone: The grocery store was actually fronting for a group of smugglers.
2. To serve as a cover for or representative of someone or something: Leave the negotiations up to me—I'll front for you.
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