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1. verb To pay for some item or service before it is rendered. Don't front too much money for Richie's latest scheme—it's bound to fail, like all the others. I had to front the dealer $2,000 for my new car.
2. verb, slang To confront or accost someone. I wouldn't front those guys, they're dangerous!
3. verb, slang To act inauthentically; to put on a front. A: "Kelly's no party girl, so I don't know why she feels like she has to front." B: "Probably so those dumb sorority girls will like her."
4. noun Something reputable that hides underhanded or illegal activities. You know their restaurant is just a front, right? Those guys are really in the mob.
5. noun A manner of inauthentic behavior. You don't have to put up a front for me, I'm your best friend—you can tell me how you're really feeling.

front someone some amount of money

to provide an advance payment of some amount to someone. The buyer fronted me half the purchase price as a favor.
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1. in. to pay out money in advance of receiving goods; to pay up front. (see also front money.) I fronted about $550 for the new computer.
2. n. a respectable appearance. Jan can put up a good front, but most of us know the real Jan.
3. in. to pretend; to lie. Stop fronting and be yourself.
4. tv. to challenge someone; to confront someone, perhaps in anger. Don’t front me unless you are ready for a fight.


n. clothing; a sports jacket. You got some good-looking fronts there.
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It is imperative for the front shoulder to point directly at the target.
Purists cried when Honda dumped its double-wishbone front suspension for a supposedly inferior MacPherson strut design, and they'll no doubt complain that Honda has continued down that road with the new Civic.
Once you've done the rough alignment using the front sight post, you will use the red dot for sighting, not the sight post.
A cold front forms when chilly air swoops beneath warm air and replaces it.
By placing 1/40-scale models of various sauropods on sensitive balances, the scientists measured the changes in weight borne by each creature's front and rear feet as the models were immersed in slowly rising water.
It is crucial for the front company insurer to provide value to both its customers (brokers and captive owners) and its owners or shareholders.
When the Cold War comes on, in Mullen's narrrative, there are no spectres of the Negro People's Front haunting and subverting the discourses of triumphal capitalism.
They jump ahead with their rear feet, landing on their front feet, and then pulling their rear feet forward on either side the front feet to push off again.
The working heel comes forward, aiming for the floor in front of the big toe of the supporting foot as the working foot slides into fifth position without passing through demi-pointe.
The front mid-engine sports car--its 500-hp V10 engine is mounted almost entirely behind the front wheel centerline--will compete with the Mercedes SLR, BMW M6, Aston Martin DB 9 and Ferrari 550 among others.
Whereas a two-dimensional front can split up and become wildly distorted, the corresponding three-dimensional surface has been chosen so that it undulates and twists in a well-defined, mathematically tractable manner.