from top to toe

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(from) top to toe

Encompassing one's entire body; from one's head to one's feet. Typically refers to how one is dressed and groomed. This is a fancy event, so you need to look good from top to toe. Schedule a haircut and shine your shoes. We're going to church today, so be sure to clean the kids top to toe.
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from top to toe

mainly BRITISH
COMMON You use from top to toe to talk about the whole of someone's body. Carefully, she began to wash her body from top to toe. She was trembling from top to toe. He's dressed from top to toe in black. Note: You can also use top-to-toe before a noun. A top-to-toe body treatment will make your skin feel great. Compare with from head to toe.
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from ˌtop to ˈtoe

from the head to the feet; completely: We were covered in mud from top to toe.
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Then Robin took this sweet, pretty babe, clothed him all anew from top to toe in Lincoln green, and gave him a good stout bow, and so made him a member of the merry band.
With a feather drooping from a broad-brimmed hat, in white from top to toe, she looked like a gallant lady of the time of Charles the First leading royalist troops into action.
LAHORE -- Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq has said Imran Khan is abuser from top to toe as he has become habitual of hurling abuses on others.
PPP is immersed in corruption from top to toe and it has been its habit that PPP never accepts Supreme Court decisions, he said adding PPP has now refused to accept SC decision about formation of JIT.
"Her outfit from top to toe was impeccably coordinated.
Resplendently kitted out from top to toe in a red and white cap and gown it all seemed rather fitting.
But it's important to cover up with the right kit against the elements - so we've found everything you need, from top to toe.
Head chef Dave Alebon, who was recently crowned Best Pub Chef at the Best of Broad Street Awards, said: "The refurbishment is a no holds barred re-vamp of the pub from top to toe.
Both looked stunning in their dresses, with the former Pussycat Doll opting for a sexy leather dress, while the N-Dubz star sparkled from top to toe in a lilac sequin number, the Daily Mail reported.
Shane David Lewis, 24, of South Street, Ynyshir, Porth, also threatened to cut the mother of his children "from top to toe and see her guts spill all over the pavement", a court heard.
The farmer just covered us in slurry from top to toe.
SIENNA Miller has turned in to the subject of her latest movie - from top to toe.
The Christmas tree was erected in Honley village at the beginning of the month and lit up with gay lights from top to toe.
Fingerprints, DNA, will show This is simply you from top to toe,
Gesells infant growth interpretations are addressed and condensed by way of the following terminology: general to the specific; growth stages; infant growth lines from top to toe and center to perifera; the tonic neck reflex; maturation; readiness; motor emphasis; internal infant drive to achieve; orderly and successive sequences of growth; and developmental integration.